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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Top 10 OMG Moments!

We’re as sad as you are that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 insanity has come to an end. To help you relive the cattiness and craziness, we’ve compiled the 10 most unbelievable moments to take place this season. In a season filled with everything from see-through fridges to drunken gymnastics, it was no easy task!

10. Intervention time (Episode 15)

Kim and Kyle Richards’s intervention with Taylor Armstrong about her drinking could have created a serious melee. Luckily, Taylor handled their efforts maturely. However, it’s clear Taylor did not appreciate being singled out, as she said Kim is no Dr. Drew — which we’re pretty sure is an insult.

9. When Adrienne sends flowers, she sends flowers (Episode 1)

The drama at Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca party begins with Brandi Glanville joking about sleeping with every guy in town — and then, Adrienne Maloof’s flower arrangement arrives. All the ladies are perplexed by Adrienne’s ginormous bouquet, as she wasn’t invited. We just hope that Adrienne meant well, as we’d hate to assume otherwise and then need to backpedal. (Get it —“petal”?)

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8. Yolanda and Kyle are at the door (Episode 16)

When Kim doesn’t show up to meet the ladies in Paris, Kyle and Yolanda Foster spring into action and nearly bust down Kim’s hotel door (and given how buff Yolanda is, we could see that happening). Later, there’s tension when Kim doesn’t like Lisa’s questions about sleeping pills. Sadly, this trip marks the end of Kim and Yolanda’s cute friendship, which is a shame.

7. Adrienne says goodbye to her marriage and the show (Episode 19)

Adrienne’s final scene on the show is a somber one, as she makes a tearful appearance at Lisa’s anniversary party to discuss her separation from Paul. She leaves without saying hi to Lisa and Ken, which offends them whereas Adrienne feels Lisa should have wished her well. It’s too bad these two ladies couldn’t work things out before Adrienne leaves the show. Sigh.

6. Mauricio and Brandi go at it at the Moroccan restaurant (Episode 9)

Mauricio gets more heated than we’ve ever seen him get as he hassles Brandi for her surrogacy comments about Adrienne, with Ken defending the former model. Then, Taylor gets mad about Camille Grammer’s comments, followed by Kim calling out Brandi. Finally, Brandi snaps, telling Mauricio to “go f**k” himself. One restaurant, so many angry people.

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5. Camille and Brandi have a difference of opinion in Las Vegas (Episode 12)

The Vegas trip was going fab until the final dinner, that is. There were all kinds of allegations, especially with Camille denying knowledge of Adrienne’s plan to bash Lisa. Camille also says Lisa doesn’t own Sur, at which point Lisa feels Kyle should have defended her. If only this trip could have had more stripping and less sniping.

4. Adrienne and Brandi trade insults and accusations at Lisa’s tea party (Episode 13)

Is anyone at Lisa’s tea party joking? We don’t hear any laughter, but both Brandi and Adrienne say the other is joking and lying. Adrienne is adamant that she isn’t suing Brandi and didn’t send her lawyer a letter, which shocks Brandi. And Adrienne accuses Brandi of lying about her staff on Twitter. We always knew that cute little Twitter bird would end up causing trouble.

3. Brandi tells Adrienne to “shut the f**k up” (Episode 4)

In Ojai, Adrienne sees Kim’s tears and decides to point out that “somebody’s crying,” which Brandi doesn’t appreciate. This is the f-bomb that keeps creating tension, as Lisa is called out for defending Brandi. It’s hard to blame Brandi for being annoyed by Adrienne’s comment, although the expletive might not have been the best choice.

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2. Faye makes her presence known at Kyle’s dinner party (Episode 8)

Not a lot of eating took place at Kyle’s dinner party, once Faye starts attacking Brandi for spewing lies and tries to get her to apologize to Adrienne or send flowers (or an orchid). Brandi bails and sits on the curb in tears as Kyle tries to comfort her. “We should have a dinner party with these same people every week,” said absolutely no one at Kyle’s party.

1. Mauricio’s party turns into World War III (Episode 6)

Here it is: The season’s wildest moment! Once Kim tells Adrienne and Paul about Brandi’s surrogacy comment from Lisa’s tasting party, all bets are off the table, with accusations being made about drug use and poor parenting, and more expletives being used than in a Martin Scorsese movie. How come parties on this show are always so stressful?