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The Craziest Things Kids Say to Get Out of Bedtime

t’s amazing how much kids hate bedtime. Not necessarily the reading books or goodnight hugs and kisses part but the minute the lights go out, as any parent will tell you, things can get dicey. When it comes to stalling sleepy time, our kids have some of the best one-liners we’ve ever heard. Check these out — you’ll probably recognize a few:

Sammy, 4: I want cheese. I need to wash my hands. I have boogers on them!

Sammy’s mom told us that her little girl was finally told, after the second booger/hand washing complaint, to keep her fingers out of her nose until morning. We think she picked some good advice.

Elle, 5: I didn’t get dessert.

Since we have a major sweet tooth, we couldn’t exactly argue with Elle. Sorry mom, but we just can’t justify denying anyone a post-dinner treat.

Evan, 5: I’m too tired to go to bed.

Seriously, how can you argue with logic like that?

Sabrina, 3: I have a booger! I have to pee! It’s not dark enough outside! I want a snack! I just want to cuddle!

What she lacks in originality, she certainly made up for with persistence. Wonder which one of these got mom’s attention?

Sawyer, 3: My stomach hurts but it will feel better if I watch TV in your bed.

Aww, she’s trying to get us with the promise of spending quality time together. She’s good, we’ll give her that.

Sloane, 3: (After being told by her mommy that she needs her beauty sleep) I’m pretty enough!

Sloane’s had her mommy cornered with that one. After all, how’s mom going to argue with that?

Emily, 15, told her parents when she was 4 years old: I AM sleeping — with my eyes open.

So they couldn’t get her to go to bed as a toddler and as a teen, they can’t get her up before noon.

Sedona, 10: I’m lonely and you guys are having so much fun together without me.

Yup, they were having fun in bed without you, but trust us, you don’t want to know what they were doing!

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04.24.2013 / 03:43 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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