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The Million Second Quiz: Is NBC’s Ambitious Live Show the Future of Reality TV?

Here we go — the ultimate test of reality TV’s voyeuristic grip on our attention. According to Deadline, NBC has a new reality competition show airing this fall called The Million Second Quiz. It will be a live show combining trivia knowledge and endurance. The massive social experiment will last one million seconds, or around 12 days, and air live in primetime, originating from a giant glass hourglass-shaped structure built in the heart of New York City.

Here are more details from Deadline: “The four players who have remained in the game the longest at any time serve as reigning champions and get to live in the hourglass. To avoid being unseated in the primetime show where one of the reigning champions gets challenged, the four must continue to play 24 hours a day, taking strategic breaks to rest and sleep."

NBC is calling this “the first fully convergent television experience” since viewers can play along in real time in unique new ways, and fans playing from home who win will be flown to NYC to appear on the show. The ultimate winner could claim a prize of up to $10 million, which is a record for a reality TV/game show.

Read more about it here. Sounds complicated, but if someone does win anything close to $10M for 12 days on TV, that will be quite impressive.

Source: Deadline

04.24.2013 / 06:57 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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