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5 Scrumptious Quickie Breakfasts to Take on the Go

Real talk: It’s freakin’ hard enough getting the family up and out the door on time every morning, but feeding them a nutritious meal too? It’s, like, come on, people, what the heck do you want from me?! Step away from the soy latte and Wildlicious Wild! Berry Pop-Tarts and tackle those totally-crazed weekday mornings with these 5 easy and yummy on-the-go brekkies.

Dress Up Your Yogurt
Toss some chopped almonds and fresh fruit (blueberries or strawberries) on top of a cup of Greek yogurt for a relatively neat and protein-packed meal that can be consumed just about anywhere. Sprinkle in some granola for a little extra crunch — and fiber!

Breakfast Sandwich
The Golden Arches is a constant source of temptation tempting for quickie morning meals, but don’t do it, lady! Build your own, high-class McMuffin with eggs (or just egg whites!), melted cheese (skip the Kraft and go fancy with some artisan cheese), and a slice of turkey bacon (or veggie bacon strips — we recommend MorningStar Farms’ version) on an English muffin (choose whole grain for fiber). We guarantee this will take less time than a trip through the drive-thru and will taste even better.

AB&B Cakes
Semi-homemade is still completely delicious, and, really, who needs to know you didn’t make it yourself anyways? Heat up a microwave pancake (we prefer whole wheat), slather it with creamy almond butter, top with banana slices, and then fold that sucker in half. Voila — you’ve got yourself some tasty (and crowd-pleasing) pancake crepes, y’all!

Morning Quesadilla
Mexican food may be hard to stomach first thing in the AM, but a whole wheat quesadillas made with apple slices and melty mozzarella makes a great mess-free, easy-to-pack (and digest) breakfast.

Fruit Smoothie
Cut your meal prep time and take your breakfast in a to-go cup! Drop some frozen fruit, plain Greek yogurt, and low-fat milk into the blender and you’re good to go. Remix that business (and make it more of a meal) by adding in more protein — whey (or other protein powders), soy milk, silken tofu, almond butter, or uncooked oats all make great additions!

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04.25.2013 / 03:56 AM EDT by Wetpaint Moms Staff
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