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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Top 4 Performances on 4/24/2013 (VIDEOS)

Our American Idol recap tonight for the Top 4 performances show is all about redemption. Will the American Idol judges’ love for Amber Holcomb finally translate to votes based on her song choices tonight? Is Angie Miller’s reign as the favorite to win this season over or can she come back to reclaim her front-runner title in the American Idol performances this evening? Join us for our live American Idol recap and watch with us as the final four sing their hearts out in hopes of making it one more week.

When we found out the American Idol spoilers for the song choices for tonight’s show, we were both excited and a little depressed. The two song themes for this week are great: “one hit wonders” and “free choice” — both categories with an extremely wide range of options. Unfortunately, while a couple of the ladies used this opportunity to really stretch themselves, some of them took a step backward and boxed themselves in.

Our biggest disappointment of the evening is Angie Miller. We had really hoped she would take this opportunity to do another original song for her “free choice” pick. Instead, she chose to pull out a repeat song she’s already done before on the show — “Who U R” by Jessie J. Angie rocked this tune earlier this season, but we’ve already been there and done that.

We need fresh, new, amazing songs, not rehashes of something we’ve already seen. Maybe they wouldn’t allow her to do an original, or she was afraid it might suddenly get “owned” by American Idol producers if she did. Even so, she had a universe worth of songs to chose from and she is just giving us a repeat song from an artist she’s already covered multiple times this year. Boring.

None of the other American Idol Top 4 ladies chose to repeat themselves tonight, but several of them did pick rather tepid, predictable ballads and classics, like Amber Holcomb doing Celine Dion and Donna Summer. Blah! We’re much more excited by the unusual choices, such as Kree Harrison doing Susan Tedeschi and Annie Lennox.

Ready to find out how your favorites did on American Idol tonight? Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and settle in for our live American Idol 2013 recap starting at 8 PM ET!

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And here we go! Host Ryan Seacrest announces the first set of songs tonight will be “contestant’s choice” and the second theme will be one selected by the viewers, which they will announce later. We know from our American Idol spoilers, of course, that the second song theme tonight is “one hit wonders”.

After yet another Ford Fiesta ‘mission’ commercial video, we move on to our first performances from the American Idol 2013 Top 4 tonight.

Amber Holcomb - "The Power Of Love" by Jennifer Rush/Celine Dion

Judges: Keith Urban says “that is how you do it!” He tells Amber that if any a song was “tailor-made” and “perfect” for her, this is the song. He gushes all over. Nicki Minaj says we need a moment of silence how beautiful Amber is. She thinks the song was perfect for her as well. “You don’t even feel like a contestant anymore, congratulations.” Randy Jackson says Amber looks like a “black and white cookie” and he loves it. He also adores the performance and thinks she rocked it. Mariah Carey jumps on the bandwagon and says Amber took a “classic song and gave it flavor” — so #pow and keep it going. [We’re kind of over the #pow thing Mariah...]

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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Candice Glover - "Find Your Love" by Drake

Judges: Nicki Minaj says she told Drake that Candice was going to her song and that tomorrow she might ask him to send her a little message. She says she can’t keep commenting on Candice’s voice because it is amazing. However, she kind of wishes Nicki had stuck to the melody a bit more. She also thinks Candice needs to remember who her market is and play to that. Randy Jackson says the vocals were “crazy good” and that’s the easy part for Candice. But it doesn’t mean she has to always use it all the time full on and that “every phrase doesn’t need a run” — which we agree with. “It can’t always sound like you’re in church.” Mariah Carey says Candice “took her to a place she needed to be” with her vocals and she makes everything she sings into a Candice song. She loved it. Keith Urban also thinks Candice gave a crazy good performance.

Our Rating: 8 out of 10

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Kree Harrison - "It Hurt So Bad" by Susan Tedeschi

Judges: Randy Jackson says he doesn’t know it was Kree’s best vocal (to loud boos), it felt disconnected, and that he was just waiting to hear something else from her this week. Mariah Carey thought it was fabulous dahling and gives Kree props for her awesome voice and her versatility. Keith Urban says for him it is all about the emotion at this point. Sometimes he thinks Kree relies too much on how great her voice is without putting enough emotion into it. Nicki Minaj says her ‘Kreedom’ did not give a Top 4 performance tonight. People can blow smoke up her BLEEP all they want, but that wasn’t what she needed to do to make it to the next round.

Our Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Angela Miller - "Who You Are" by Jessie J.

Judges: (Screw the judges, this was friggin’ gorgeous even if it was a bloody repeat performance. Seriously though, why does she ever perform without the piano?) The American Idol judges are on their feet for a standing ovation. Well, except for Mariah Carey, who says the chair is on her dress train and keeping her from standing up. Mariah says it was “stunning” and “amazing” and even thought it was a repeat song, she didn’t care. Although, she does mention that whole being a songwriter thing again — hint hint Angie! She thinks Angie needs to get cracking on writing some more originals to sing! Keith Urban says he started off thinking it was “nice” and it was “good” and then she just got looser and more carefree. She does over-pronounce in places but she really got into the song as she went along and it was great. Nicki Minaj thinks it was like listening to a live performance at an awards so. Randy Jackson says it was the best performance of the night so far and he forgot all about the original singer, Jessie J. And, of course, she’s “in it to win it” — which is so overdone at this point, we want to tattoo it on his forehead.

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

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Amber Holcomb & Kree Harrison - "Rumor Has It" by Adele

Judges: Keith Urban enjoyed seeing the two of them together and loved Amber’s body language and Kree’s vocals. He does wish, however, that the girls had just let loose a little more. He always wants everyone letting loose a little more! Nicki thinks Kree needed to put more personality into the duet and starts yelling about them needing to sing the duet like divas. It’s enough to make you want earplugs.

Winner: Kree Harrison by a slight margin

Angela Miller & Candice Glover - "Stay" by Rihanna & Mikky Ekko

Judges: The American Idol judges are on their feet for this one and the crowd is so loud Randy Jackson can’t talk over them. “That’s the way you do a duet!” he shouts. “This was incredible.” Mariah Carey interrupts to say it was “unity, uh!” Randy can’t stand how on fire they were. Mariah is like shoving Randy to the side to throw out her compliments to both ladies. “Amazing!” Randy yells over Mariah.

Winner: No one. They both rocked it hard.

Ryan Seacrest announces the next theme for the evening, selected by viewers, is "one hit wonders" of any era.

Amber Holcomb - "MacArthur Park" by Richard Harris/Donna Summer

Judges: Keith Urban says Amber is “dominating” tonight but we feel it was kind of boring and old. Nicki Minaj says Amber is “blooming” for all the world to see and she was going for the “longest note in Idol history” or something. She thinks out of the four girls in the competition, Amber is the girl she would want to get to know and be friends with. Randy Jackson says — again, again, again — she’s in it to win it. Her crystal high notes are like drinking a glass of water and compares her to Rihanna. He says he would sign her right now, which is not something people like Randy should say unless he means it if she doesn’t win. Mariah says she should have been signed weeks ago and she just needs to keep doing what she’s doing. Ryan asks if she’s been “holding back” so she can surprise people later and she shrugs, kind of smirks and says she “likes to be unexpected.” If she has been holding back on purpose... that’s just lame and should make people NOT vote for her.

Our Rating: 7

Candice Glover - "Emotion" by Samantha Sang/Destiny's Child

Judges: Nicki Minaj says it was a classic song but she was still grooving to it and wasn’t feeling like it was 50 years ago. She says Candice is a superhero and she is proud of her. Then the whole judges panel gets into a heated discussion about how they weren’t praising Amber before based so much on the song but on how much she has grown, etc. (Because Jimmy Iovine said after the break that the song was cheesy and it was a bad choice.) Then they get back to talking about Candice. Randy Jackson praises Candice for her song, but it seems lame after they were just all talking about her rival in front of her. Mariah Carey points out that Candice obviously has a slight cold. Candice says she actually has a terrible cold but she didn’t want to make excuses. She says Candice is NOT a one hit wonder and she’s a super-duper-star. Keith Urban says he was grooving along to the song, but weren’t there any one hit wonders from the last decade? He thinks it was breezy and nice but she missed the chance to have a big moment. We agree.

Our Rating: 8

Ryan Seacrest drags Jimmy Iovine out on stage instead of asking Candice how she is, which is just really more rudeness to Candice. Jimmy at least says Candice was better than Amber. The judges panel erupts into yelling and Nicki goes up on stage like she’s going to whack Jimmy over the head, but she just smiles and hugs him. Randy Jackson goes up on stage next and is like “they were both great” and Jimmy just didn’t like Amber’s song, blah, blah, blah. Ryan starts talking over everyone to give out Candice’s voting number and get to the commercial break.

Kree Harrison - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procol Harum/Annie Lennox

Judges: Randy Jackson says Kree can just “flat out sing” and she redeemed herself for him. “You sang your face off, that was brilliant!” Mariah Carey says she wants to go “download that right now because I need that on my phone” — she says Kree never needed to redeem herself. “Feel good about what you did because you just did it.” Keith Urban says he is going to sound like he is in disagreement with the other judges. He thinks the song didn’t really didn’t capture what he wanted to hear out of it. He wants her to pick a song that will either show her off or drag her listeners in. Nicki Minaj tells Keith to watch how he is talking to “my wife” — and she loves her Kreedom. However, she doesn’t think the song is going to keep Kree out of the bottom two this week. “Something that’s on the inside of you seems to be dimming a little bit.” Even if she should leave though, Nicki thinks she could put out a multi-platinum album no problem.

Our Rating: 8.5

Angela Miller - "Cry Me A River" by Julie London

Judges: Mariah Carey says she feels like Angie has been holding out on them with some of the notes she hit with that song. Beautiful, talent galore, she doesn’t know what else to say. Keith says “mystical and celestially powerful” because they told him to use “only three words” but Nicki points out that is actually four. Nicki Minaj says tonight was Angie’s night and she was blowing the wigs off people or something... Randy says his two words are “yo, yo” — but not really, he thinks Angie had the best performance of the night and she’s (groan) in it to win it.

Our Rating: 9

Our opinion? Angie Miller won the night hands down and we are happy to see her back to shining brightly once again!

Totally not surprising, since there IS an extra week to account for before the American Idol 2013 finale, Ryan Seacrest announces at the end of the show there will be a "twist" revealed tomorrow night. We are guessing the "twist" may be that no one goes home.

That's a wrap for our American Idol recap tonight. Be sure to join us right back here on Thursday night for the results show!

04.25.2013 / 08:02 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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