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American Idol

Angie Miller Throws Down The Gauntlet On American Idol 2013!

And the Top Four American Idol performance show goes to? Drumroll, please...Angie Miller! No one can deny that the pretty Bostonian stole the night with her two performances. As Nicki Minaj put it, “You came out tonight to snatch some wigs off some heads, honeychild.” We might not have said it exactly that way, but we couldn’t agree more.

It was as though someone lit a fire underneath the 18-year old as she hit the stage last night. Interestingly enough, the other three seemed to bring their B+ games, which isn’t going to cut it at this point in the competition. Of course, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, and Amber Holcomb are all amazing, but their performances were all a bit sleepy, especially in comparison to Angie, who riveted.

What was even more interesting is most of us probably expected her first performance to be a bit boring, as she’d already done the song, “Who U R,” by Jessie J on the show before. Not only that, she’d done Jessie J songs a shocking three times before last night! She showed all of us who were skeptical, as her performance at the piano had a fresh feeling to it, and was actually something that could be heard on the radio today (unlike the dated choices of the other girls!).

The American Idol judges loved it. Even Keith Urban, who has been critical of her over enunciation in the past, said he enjoyed how the performance got looser and looser, “until the consonants went away.” Keith was probably the most interesting judge last night, as he suddenly got very critical of everyone, and was itching for the girls to let loose a bit more, which is likely why he loved Angie’s performance. As he said, “I’m waiting for someone to just cut loose and throw a mic stand or something.”

For her second performance, Angie chose “Cry Me a River” for her one hit wonder. We were also cringing in anticipation of this one, as it seemed like it was going to be very old-fashioned. Que surprise – it was anything but! Angie hit the stage, which looked like an eerily lit graveyard (but in a cool way), and slayed the performance. She hit notes the judges had never heard before, and they loved it. They had to be succinct as Angie’s performance was the closer for the night, so Keith said it was “mystical and celestially powerful,” while Mariah Carey said it was “elegant,” and Randy Jackson nearly screamed, “The best of the night. Angie wins the night! Hands down!”

Last week, we predicted that Candice would win it all this season, but we think a big shift may have taken place last night. What do you think?

04.25.2013 / 09:55 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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