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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Is Desiree’s Favorite Afraid of Marriage?

Desiree Hartsock wasn’t so lucky in love in Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor, but we’ve had high hopes that she’d finally turn that around now that she is Season 9’s Bachelorette. However, it sounds to us like she’s had her heart set on presumptive final four contestant Brooks Forester almost since day one — and according to Reality Steve, Brooks has no designs on marriage any time soon.

Steve reports that his sources have fingered Brooks for the Future Mr. Hartsock since very early on, and now that he’s made the final four, that seems it seems even more likely that he’ll nab Des’s final rose. Longtime Bachelorette fans may remember that Ashley Rosenbaum (née Hebert) was pretty sure early in the game that J.P. was the one — you know, once she got over that whole thing with Bad News Bentley — but Steve’s sources say we shouldn’t hold our breath for another stunning wedding special this time around.

Credit: Reality Steve    

“Now just because they might get engaged doesn’t necessarily mean these two are getting married,” Steve warns. “From everything I’m hearing, Brooks Forester is not ready to be married anytime soon. Just sayin’.”

So what exactly is Steve hearing? "Nothing major," he tweeted to an interested fan. "Just no different than anyone else who signs up for this show." OUCH.

Well, if Brooks isn't ready to be married, why on earth would he propose? A guy who’s not ready to get married popping the question on The Bachelorette? UNPRECEDENTED. But all sarcasm aside, we hope Des isn’t setting herself up for heartbreak with a total player! And if he is the kind of guy who wants to get married, but needs some time to get to know his girl post-reality TV, we are super supportive of that, too. Perhaps a small fishing village where they can show off their respective abs, rag mag-free?

Source: Reality Steve, Twitter