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Bulletproof Kids’ Clothes: Is This What It’s Come To?

Armed guards and metal detectors can only do so much, and if a shooter slips through the cracks, like too many have done in recent years, kids should be personally prepared for gunfire. At least, that’s what the world’s leading supplier of high-fashion bulletproof clothing thinks. So in addition to manufacturing bulletproof clothing for politicians, execs, and celebs, Miguel Caballero’s Colombian company has decided to make their clothes in mini.

We get the practicality of the idea — we really do. Especially given the recent defeat of a gun control amendment in the Senate, some parents are saying it’s time to finally act on a higher level of protection for our kids. Sandy Hook is still fresh in the hearts and minds of millions and the horrible memories of Columbine and the Virginia Tech massacres looming in our nation’s history, so is it really time for our kids to suit up for school?

The company says its intentions are that schools would have these special bulletproof clothes — tees, puffer vests, and backpacks — on hand for when shots are fired. The children could then quickly change into the protective duds to fend off attack from bullets or knives.

We are finding some chinks in the armor of this idea already. Realistically, those kids and teachers going through such a horrifying experience would probably not be thinking of a wardrobe change, nor might they have the time to change clothing while their school is being attacked. We would hope their first thought would be of a safe escape.

Additionally, the marketing video below shows that the bulletproof clothing and backpacks in shades of pink, blue, and purple. Some of them look like something you’d get at Old Navy! So tell us: What’s the point of making these garments stylish? We get the point for politicians and celebrities, but couture clothes for kids during an attack? So not necessary.

We also assume that the company would plan to market the stylish clothes to private buyers like concerned parents as well as the larger establishments, but enter even more practicality issues. We remember being super picky about our clothes at school, understanding that in an environment where first impressions literally mean everything, a dated hat or the wrong band tee could send your social life swirling down the drain. If it didn’t say Hollister, you weren’t cool.

The chances of a school shooting occurring at their school is so slim, and it’s totally unfair to make them wear stupid, ugly armor clothes every day. We can just hear our teens now. The reality is that nobody ever thinks it can happen at their kids' school, until, horrifically, it does.

Finally, how should parents of younger children approach the discussion of why they now must wear these bulletproof jackets and vests? As one Mother Jones reader commented, "Well sweetie, because some mean person might shoot you today and this will keep you safe. Now go have fun at school!"

Do you think bulletproof kids’ clothing is just a fact of life in today’s crazy world? Would you consider buying it for your children, or do you think schools should invest it? While we think it’s so very sad that we’re even having this discussion, we want to know what you think. Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Mother Jones

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04.25.2013 / 03:22 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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