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American Idol

Candice Glover: Hometown Visit on American Idol 2013 “Would Mean Everything” — Exclusive

American Idol 2013 finalist Candice Glover would love nothing more than making it to the next round so she can go back for a “hometown visit” as part of the final three. In an exclusive chat with Wetpaint at rehearsals this week, Candice told us even if she does go home before that happens, she feels blessed to have made it so far and shown people who she really is as a person and a performer.

What’s different now that there’s only four people left?

The pressure has risen a lot. And the less people there are, the more you feel that pressure, and the more you want to do a good job and make it to the next round. And plus, whoever makes the top three gets the hometown visit and all that. So everybody’s striving for that top three.

That would be next week, right?


Oh my God, so what would that mean to you?

That would mean everything, and people are texting me. It’s been in newspaper and online. “Candice might be visiting. We have to plan this parade. We have to get this concert and stuff ready.” And I just, I want to be there to see everybody because I haven’t been there since the beginning of the year. So I really miss everyone.

If this ended tomorrow – well, not tomorrow, if this ended on Thursday – how would your life had changed?

It’s already changed. I would be so humble and just so excited to have made it to the top four out of everybody in America that auditioned for this show. Four is a pretty awesome number, so if it was all to end on Thursday, I would just know that I left my mark on this show, and people know me as the girl that takes risks and does the unpredictable, and unexpected.

So starting Friday, what would you do?

Starting Friday, well, we have rehearsal Friday, so it all starts over again. But when I get to my room, I always like to take that time to re-group and think about everything that’s happened. So, Friday, I’ll be very thankful, and hopefully if I’m top three, I’ll be flying home on Friday.

I know. That takes away from rehearsals though, doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does. We probably won’t start rehearsals until Monday.

What do you guys do for fun?

We do a lot of things. Now that there’s only four of us, we have time to go to red carpet events. We go to the Children’s hospital and we just get to do all these different, educational things for kids.

What do you do for fun?

That’s really our fun. But that’s really like, besides the show, that’s what we do. And I know it’s still part of the show, but we don’t really get time to ourselves. If anything, we might go to dinner, or we might get our nails done.

That’s nice though?

Yeah, it’s nice, you know, considering all the work we do.

I mean, is there a need for the four of you to just be together, away from the show, sit at dinner and just talk about what’s going on?

Yes. Every Sunday we make it our business to have a Sunday dinner. About 7:30 we just sit there, and each week, that table gets smaller. And we were just thinking, “Oh my gosh, the table used to be like, from here to there and now it’s just four of us.” It’s crazy.

But now you can hear everybody.

Yeah, now you don’t have to worry about yelling across the room to somebody else.