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Does Glee’s [Spoiler] Really Go on a Crazy Killing Spree?

We're so worried about Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). Like, even more worried than we are about Kurt's (Chris Colfer) terrible fashion.

Now that Sue has been fired from McKinley High for bringing a gun to school — spoiler alert: she took the fall for Becky [Lauren Potter]! — she basically has nothing left to live for. What's the point in waking up in the morning if you can't yell at innocent children, right guys?

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Luckily, Sue gets a job as an aerobics teacher at 23 Hour Fitness, but it seems like her personality has taken a turn for the...deranged. Apparently, Sue starts stalking McKinley High, and even has an epic fantasy sequence in which she's lounging around the school bleachers singing "Little Girls" from Annie. (FYI Jane Lynch is making her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie this May!).

As we all know, Annie is a light hearted musical about red-headed orphans and whatnot, but Sue's version of this classic song is somewhat sinister. And that's putting it lightly. “In this fantasy, I kill them all by the end of the song,” Jane Lynch tells TVLine.

Um, consider us terrified. Clearly, Sue needs help. Someone get this lady a track suit to huff!

Source: TVLine

04.25.2013 / 11:51 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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