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Glee Finale: Naya Rivera Cries In “Emotional Scene” — Is Brittany Leaving?!

UPDATE: TV Line's Michael Ausiello reports that though the finale "definitely leaves you with the impression that a pivotal, longtime character will not be back next season — at least not full-time," he has not received any confirmation that the person in question is gone for good. There's still hope.

Panic, everyone. We give you permission to panic.
Glee's McKinley High based cast members just wrapped up filming Season 4’s finale this year’s Regionals which should be a happy event full of jazz hands, finger-snapping, and matching leotards. After all, the show has been renewed for two more seasons, and the cast will reunite after just a few months! So...why is Naya Rivera (Santana) crying?

"Shedding a few tears here on our last day," Naya tweeted while shooting Glee's finale on April 24. "Such an emotional scene."

Um, what is happening. It's possible that Naya's crying due to the simple fact that Glee is awesome (we're right there with you, girl), but is there a deeper meaning to her tears?

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Rumor around the Internet has it that a central character will be leaving Glee for good at the end of Season 4. That’s right. If the reports are correct, someone will be off the show permanently. Let's not forget that Heather Morris (Brittany) just got pregnant in real life. What if Naya's crying because her on-screen love is off the show forever?

While Heather hasn't mentioned plans to leave Glee, she'll be rocking a serious baby bump when the show films its upcoming fifth season, which could be a slight problem. It's definitely possible that she's opted to leave Glee behind to become a full-time mom, which would more than explain Naya's tears!

Why do you think Naya's crying? Better come up with an answer fast, because all this speculation has caused us to face plant into a puddle of sads.

Source: Naya Rivera on Twitter