Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez on Callie’s “Overwhelming” Bisexual Journey, Calzona (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez on Callie’s “Overwhelming” Bisexual Journey, Calzona (VIDEO)

On Grey’s Anatomy, there’s very little that lesbian couple Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins hasn’t been through. Though they are now happy and have a beautiful daughter named Sofia, they had to endure deaths, an amputated leg, a near breakup, and many other road bumps along the way.

However, for Callie’s portrayer, Sara Ramirez, the biggest and most “overwhelming” journey was the path she chose for her character. Going from a crumbled marriage (with George) to discovering that she was bisexual (with a few doctors, ultimately falling in love with Arizona) wasn’t an easy road, and she opened up to Glamour’s Jessica Radloff about being an “advocate” for accurate portrayals of gay and lesbian characters.

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming, I’ll be honest. Sometimes it’s really overwhelming, but I chose this path for Callie,” she spilled at the GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles. “[Creator] Shonda [Rhimes] collaborated with me on it and the writers, thank god, have gone with it, and here we are. I’m very proud of what we’ve done.”

For her, it’s more so the fact that Callie is bisexual than that she’s married to another woman, something that isn’t always portrayed on-screen. “I continue to be an advocate for fair, accurate, inclusive portrayals of these kinds of characters, [but]I can only speak for Callie, really,” she added. “She’s a bisexual character specifically, and I think it’s fantastic that everyone has embraced this lesbian relationship and embraced Arizona, the lesbian character on the show.”

Sara also noted that it is important for some people to point out the specific differences between someone who is bisexual and someone who is a lesbian, especially considering the vast journey that Callie has been on.

“I think sometimes people forget the journey that Callie’s been on. It’s a very specific journey, and it’s very different than Arizona’s. I’m really proud of that as well, and I want to continue to develop an authentic journey for this character,” she continued. “It’s really exciting, a lot of really interesting things are happening right now, and we’re really excited for our fans to see the finale. I mean, it’s just Shonda Rhimes never fails to surprise us.”

Given all that we’ve heard about the epic Season 9 finale, we’re a little scared for Calzona, but we won’t freak out just yet. What do you think of Callie’s journey on Grey’s Anatomy? Watch the video interview below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Glamour