How Much Is Gretchen Rossi’s Engagement Ring Worth? — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

How Much Is Gretchen Rossi’s Engagement Ring Worth? — Exclusive

Gretchen Rossi recently showed off her fabulous engagement ring in the pages of Life & Style magazine. We have to say, Slade Smiley appears to have spared no expense with getting the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 star a ring to die for.

But just how much is Gretchen Rossi’s engagement ring worth?

Wetpaint Entertainment called up Newport Jewelers, the California-based shop where where Gretchen’s ring is from, to get pricing details on the beautiful bauble. We spoke to custom jeweler Kenny Taing, who said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss how much the ring was worth. But for anyone admiring the craftsmanship of Gretchen’s sparkler, Kenny told us, “People can certainly order the same design of ring.”

For an estimate of how much Gretchen’s engagement ring is worth, we turned to another luxury diamond retailer for an expert opinion.

“Simply put, that ring is major bling,” said Kevin Flaherty of Ritani.

While Ritani did not design Gretchen’s ring, the company’s expert team has seen enough rings in over 14 years of business to give Wetpaint Entertainment an idea of how much Slade dropped for his lady love.

The centerpiece, a 4-carat yellow diamond, is surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds, making this ring pricier than your average engagement band.

“Fancy yellow diamonds are exceptionally rare and come with prices to match,” Kevin said. “The yellow diamond alone is probably [worth] $50,000-60,000. Add the cost of the setting and the surrounding diamonds and she's probably sporting a $70,000 engagement ring.”

That’s quite the financial investment! Let’s hope Slade’s new gig as a radio host is paying him handsomely for all of his hard work.