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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Divorce Over — Boyfriend Kanye Suddenly No Longer MIA!

For months, the public has been all over Kanye West for not being around to support his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Kanye’s been off in Paris for almost the entirety of Kim’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, aside from a few rendezvous in The City of Lights, she’s spent a total of seven months back stateside, having to go through the discomforts and challenges of pregnancy without him.

But is Kanye really the MIA baby daddy everyone seems to think? It’s possible that he might have just been been staying away from Kim at her — or her people’s — request, in an effort to better Kim’s image.

See, Kim Kardashian’s divorce from NBA ex-husband Kris Humphries was only just finalized on April 19, over a year and a half after she initially filed in October 2011. Kim and Kanye got together in the Spring of 2012, and he announced their pregnancy that December.

Gaining public sympathy was likely very important to Kim during her divorce. The fact that she’s pregnant wasn’t necessarily an issue. Being pregnant gets you sympathy. But dating another man while you’re technically still hitched? Not so much.

Though Kanye and Kim have had several high-profile outings before her divorce was finalized, for the most part, the couple kept their distance. Now that Kim is officially single, Kanye practically hasn’t left her side!

The rapper met up with his baby mama in New York City on April 22, and they were photographed out and about all around the city both that day and the next. Kim and Kanye showed plenty of affection, too — holding hands as they walked down the street on their way to dinner on April 23.

The next day, their public love-fest continued, as photographers caught up with the couple once again walking the streets of NYC. What do you think: Has Kanye’s absence really just a big ploy to gain public sympathy for Kim, or do you think he chose to spend so much time away for more innocent reasons?

For now, it seems that only time will tell. Will Kanye stay by Kim’s side during the last two months of her pregnancy, or will he soon go rushing back to Paris to work on his album? Your move, Kimye.