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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are “Fighting More Than Ever”: Report

There is a shocking reason why Liam Hemsworth reportedly put the brakes on his marriage to Miley Cyrus.

Liam was reportedly pressured by his management team to wait on marrying Miley, according to Hollywood Life.

“They’ve both been getting pressured by their management teams to hold off on the wedding, but it was Liam that gave in first and admitted that they should wait," a source confirms.

"He didn’t call it off or anything he just wanted to take some more time, but I guess some people might call that cold feet," the source continues about the Hunger Games star.

However, Miley has not appreciated that he wants to move more slowly.

"He’s trying to do the mature thing, but Miley didn’t take it well she’s been very upset and angry with him ever since, which has only made them fight more," adds the insider.

Indeed, Hollywood Life is reporting that the two "are fighting more than ever."

And a source tells Us Weekly that their future does not look bright.

”They’re not done, but they are dissolving,” Liam's friend tells the print edition of the magazine.

This follows an interview that Snoop Dogg gave earlier this week when he claimed that Miley and Liam's relationship "no longer exists." Yikes.

So do you think that this is indeed the beginning of the end for the once-adorable lovebirds? Or do you think the odds are still ever in their favor?

Source: Hollywood Life, Us Weekly