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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Rosewood Regulars Who Aren’t on “A’s” Hit List

There aren’t many who have avoided becoming a target of “A”’s schemes on Pretty Little Liars, but they do exist. Which Rosewood residents have largely stayed off of “A's" radar, and what does that say about their chances of being the mysterious villain herself?

Ella Montgomery

Ella Montgomery (Holly Marie-Combs) has been collateral damage or has been used as an agent in “A's" game often enough, but she has still managed to avoid getting in the line of “A's" direct fire thus far. For example, she is obviously hurt by the information that Byron had an affair, but it is Byron and Aria’s secret to be used against them, not Ella. This is pretty impressive considering she is the mother of one of “A's" main targets. Other Liar parents aren’t so lucky: Ashley Marin seems to be caught up in one of “A”’s nooses on a seasonally basis.

Ella may not be one of “A's" targets so far, but does that make her a good candidate to be “A” herself? There is the question of her whereabouts the night of Ali’s “murder” to worry about. In Season 3, Episode 15: “Mona-Mania,” Ella tells Aria that she had too much wine the night of Ali’s murder, and fell asleep, but there is no one who can corroborate her story. Did she think Byron and Ali were having an affair, like the Liars briefly assumed? Could she have had something to do with Ali’s death? We don’t want to believe Ella is “A” — she is an awesome mother, teacher, and friend but if we’ve learned anything about “A,” it is that she has a serious talent for deception.

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Wren Kingston

For someone who spends so much time around Spencer, Mona, and other players of the “A” game, it’s amazing that Wren (Julian Morris) has avoided becoming “A's" target. “A” has had plenty of ammo to use against Wren: he kissed Spencer when he was engaged to Melissa and was kissed by Hanna, one of Spence’s best friends, when he was presumably still interested in wooing Spencer. Surprisingly, “A” has not tried to use any of this against him (that we know of). Could Wren be “A”?

Unlike Ella, Wren was not a part of the Rosewood fold before Melissa brought him to town. There’s nothing like the cover of anonymity to make you invisible. Could Wren have met Alison elsewhere — she certainly was a well-traveled young girl? And how long has Wren been working at Radley? We assumed that he started just this season, but his familiarity with Eddie Lamb and our general suspicion of everyone with a pulse (and sometimes those without a pulse) in Rosewood makes us wonder if he’s been in town longer than we originally thought...

Cece Drake

Cece (Vanessa Ray) must have dozens of skeletons in her closet (probably dressed in the finest designer clothing money can buy), but — as far as we can tell — she has never been targeted by “A.” (Well, unless you count the time Ali got her kicked out of school. How? We're not exactly sure yet.) As a quasi-ally of the Liars and someone who has some kind of connection to Jason Dilaurentis and Detective Wilden, it seems like she would make an ideal target for blackmail. Could it be because she is the scheme-ster herself?

Let’s look at the facts: Cece lied about her whereabouts to Aria and Wesley on the same night that Jason almost plummeted to his death in an elevator. She also left town around the same time things started going from bad to worse at the end of last season. Could she have something to do with the dead body found in the Rosewood forest?

She’s certainly been around long enough (she knew Ali for a while) and has all the Rosewood connections that would make pulling of “A”scapades much easier. We think she’s a likely suspect...

Who else has largely evaded “A's" landmines in a town littered with them? And does not having been a target of “A” make someone a likely candidate for being the villain herself? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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