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The Bachelorette

Who Is Eliminated Bachelorette 2013 Contestant Dan Cox?

UPDATE: Although Dan wowed us with what little screen time he was given, he failed to do the same with Des and was eliminated in Season 9 Episode 3 after he split his pants during a rodeo-themed group date.

Season 9 temptress Desiree Hartsock has bros in different area codes, and each of them is hotter than the next! Desiree's televised love journey begins May 27, when she'll have the pleasure of making out with more than a dozen dashing dudes, all of whom want nothing more than to put a ring on it.

Each of Des' dates is hotter than the next, but we're especially taken with Dan Cox. This hottie is originally from Northern California but currently lives in Las Vegas. Note to Dan: unlike Vegas, what happens in Bachelor Mansion totally doesn't stay in Bachelor Mansion.

Relatively little is known about Sin City's hunkiest resident, but we do know that Dan is the Director of National Accounts at Bruvado Imports, a rad company which markets beer and liquor together in a six pack (5 beers, 5 shots) to make the lazy man's boilermaker a drewm come true. Clearly, Dan will have plenty of practice holding his liquor during The Bachelorette's customary white wine benders, and who knows? Maybe he'll even challenge his fellow competitors to a Vegas style game of strip poker. A gal can dream!

Unfortunately, Dan's Facebook and Twitter accounts are nonexistent, but you can check out his LinkedIn here!

Source: Bruvado Imports / LinkedIn