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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Sean and Catherine Will Make It Down The Aisle

After years of trolling around Texas being all virginal and sad, Sean Lowe finally met the love of his life on The Bachelor 17. Sean had over two dozen ladies in waiting to choose from, but he fell head-over-Chucks for Seattle native Catherine Giudici, who captured his heart with her charming personality, wrinkle-nosed smile, and super-smarts! These two put a ring on it during The Bachelor season finale, announced plans to get hitched this summer, and shockingly they're still together.

Check out 5 reasons we think Sean and Catherine will make it down the aisle!

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1. They've Made It This Far

Despite the fact that most Bachelor couples realize they totally hate each other after, like, five minutes, Sean and Catherine have managed to stay together since their mid-November engagement. That's almost six months of dating! If they can make it this far, we have faith they can make it down the aisle. In the words of Effie Trinket, may the odds be ever in their favor!

2. They Support Each Other 100 Percent

When Sean and Catherine aren't busy making sweet love with their eyes and their feelings (not to be confused with their virginal bodies), they spend their time being super supportive of each other. Catherine moved down to Los Angeles to cheer Sean on during his Dancing With The Stars stint, and Sean has made it more than clear that he fully supports Catherine's ambitious career as a graphic designer. If their relationship had a theme song it would be "Lean On Me," and everyone would be ugly-crying from happiness.

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3. They're Hopelessly In Love

Duh, guys. Catherine and Sean love each other. And if that isn't a good enough reason to walk down the aisle after less than a year of dating, we don't know what is. Need we remind you of the way Sean sashayed over to Catherine during a recent DWTS performance and seductively kissed her on the lips? They basically went to second base in front of the entire nation, that's how intense the fire in their mutual loins is.

4. They're Relationship Has Survived Non-Stop Media Scrutiny

Many Bachelor and Bachelorette relationships have spiraled into a pit of fails thanks to constant public scrutiny and media speculation (cough, Jef Holm and Emily Maynard Sextgate 2012), but Catherine and Sean have managed to ignore the salacious headlines and concentrate on their love. Once Sean's voyage on DWTS comes to a an end, these two will have a break from being in the public eye, and their 'ship will grow even stronger!

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5. They Need To Get Frisky, Like, Yesterday

In case you'd forgotten, Sean and Catherine still haven't "made love" (shudder), thanks to Sean's intimate relationship with The Man Upstairs. The only way these two are going to sexplore each other's bodies is if they get married, and at this point we're thinking they should just take a trip to The Little White Chapel an get it over with already.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will make it down the aisle? Weigh in below!