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Alexis Bledel’s Fiance Never Saw Gilmore Girls: “I Didn’t Know Who She Was”

You can't say Vincent Kartheiser was just charmed by the idea of dating Rory Gilmore. He didn't even know there was a Rory Gilmore!

The Mad Men regular met his new fiancee on Mad Men Season 5 when they cast Alexis Bledel to play opposite Vincent as his character's mistress. It turned out to be great casting on a few different levels — it gave the character of Pete Campbell an interesting storyline, and it led to the stars falling in love.

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Vincent was recently on Watch What Happens Live, and host Andy Cohen noted (via OK!), "You are engaged to one of the stars of Gilmore Girls." Vincent smiled and added, "THE star." (No offense, Lauren Graham!) Andy asked if he watched Gilmore Girls and Vincent admitted, "I never watched the show. In fact, when I met her, I didn’t know who she was. But now it's always on TV, so if she's out of town..."

That's kind of a cute way of re-discovering someone you've already fallen in love with — watching them on the TV show where millions fell for them first.

Source: OK!