American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 4 Results! (VIDEOS)
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 4 Results! (VIDEOS)

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Who got voted off American Idol tonight? Did Amber Holcomb finally get sent home despite the lavish praise constantly piled on her by the American Idol judges? Or did the super special “twist” Ryan Seacrest mentioned last night mean that we’ll be repeating the American Idol 2013 Top 4 of Amber, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller again? Hang out with us for our live American Idol recap and find out what went down on the elimination results show tonight!

If you just went by the Top 4 American Idol performances last night, the loser of the week would probably be Kree Harrison, as much as we love her and have predicted she could win Season 12. She just did not have a great night and all of the other Top 4 ladies outshined her at some point or another. However, we still think she won’t be going home this week.

Despite having a stellar night and once again having the American Idol judges fawn over her like their favorite puppy, we still don’t think Amber Holcomb has the social backing and voter support to make it to the finale. Even with the obvious favorite status the judges have given Amber (or perhaps because of it), we still think she is the next to go home.

However, we actually don’t think anyone at all will be eliminated in our American Idol 2013 recap tonight. We disagree with the fan poll voters who think it is more likely Amber will go home than no one will be voted off. Any other “twist” Ryan Seacrest might announce on tonight’s American Idol results show would just be weird and probably anger viewers more than encourage them to keep watching.

Whatever does happen tonight, we’ll bring you the live American Idol recap of what goes down starting right here, on this page, at 8 PM ET. So stay tuned and watch what happens with us!

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And here we go! Your American Idol results start right now. Please welcome your judges Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey! Please welcome your host, Ryan Seacrest!

Ryan Seacrest says in just a few minutes, he will announce a shocking twist that will affect the American Idol judges and shake up the competition. But before that, of course, we’ll have lots of filler stuff to distract us from getting to the juicy bits. First up, Ryan makes sure to pimp out the news that American Idols Live! Tour tickets are coming out and a dollar from each ticket will go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

e ride with the American Idol 2013 Top 4 as they visit the hospital again to entertain sick kids. Angie Miller performed her original song “You Set Me Free” for the kids. We’d love for her to perform it again for us... or something else she’s written to prove she’s not a one-hit wonder songwriter. The other ladies performed as well, and then got the kids involved for a big group number. Very sweet.

Speaking of group numbers, it’s time for a medley from the Top 4 finalists on “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. Angie Miller and Candice Glover are kind of stealing the show on this one. Amber Holcomb is trying to steal the show... but Candice and Angie are outsinging her. Kree Harrison, well, it’s just not her kind of song apparently.

Next up after the break, it’s another Ford Fiesta commercial “quest” to catch Ryan Seacrest. After running all over trying to find him, they eventually end up catching — all four of him actually, thanks to digital magic. Then it’s back to the American Idol stage and the Top 4 have to read out a bad script in flat voices. Awkward silence. Ryan runs out on stage and makes some lame joke about being backstage polishing Tom Bergeron’s Emmy. Way more awkward silence.

Let’s skip right on forward to a game where each of the American Idol Top 4 finalists have to name five things America doesn’t know about them in 10 seconds. All of them fail except Amber Holcomb. Angie hates pink, loves to eat olives like popcorn, and lives in heels. Candice loves purple, needs socks to sleep, and loves Drake. Kree loves rap music, was bitten by a snake, and — since she can’t think of anything else fast enough — also says she sucks. Amber enjoys showers, not baths, loves it really hot, she was in a play, on a drill team, and has her septum pierced. That’s her nose, for anyone who was thinking anything naughty.

Now Ryan teases us that he’s going to finally give us some results and brings Amber up to the front of the stage to review her performances last night — and Jimmy Iovine’s reactions. Jimmy loved one of Amber’s songs, but he wasn’t happy with her performance of “MacArthur Park” because no one on Earth, he says, knows what the heck that song is about. He thinks Amber is in trouble. Naturally, Ryan just sends Amber back to the couches without telling us anything. He’s good like that.

Kree Harrison is the next to the front of the stage for her review from last night. Kree’s response from the American Idol judges was a mixed bag. Some loved her, some didn’t. Jimmy Iovine agrees with Keith that Kree just didn’t connect with the right song. He thinks Kree didn’t make good song picks, especially with “Whiter Shade of Pale” — which he blasphemously calls a “corny” and "ridiculous" song. Dude! What is wrong with you? And Kree is sent back to the couches.

Before we get to the next girl, it’s time for our first guest performance of the night with former American Idol Season 12 finalist Stefano Langone, who is now signed with Hollywood Records and will have an album coming out this summer. Tonight he’s performing “Yes To Love” off his forthcoming CD.

Candice is up next to take her punishment, um, we mean, get her review from last night. Jimmy Iovine says big voices are difficult to maintain and Candice needs to speak less, save her voice, and focus on the contest. He says he really believes in her and its not time to play safe, its time to move forward. They rehash the feud the American Idol judges had last night with Jimmy over his comments about Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover. However, they fail to address how incredibly rude everyone was to Candice by talking about Amber during her time — or how rude they are being right now by interrupting her time by rehashing them not talking about her during her critique.

Nicely, however, they have an audio message from Drake saying he was “so honored” she sang his song. He says her voice is angelic and he almost wishes she’d been in the studio with him. While saying he’s sorry he can’t be there... he sneaks up on Candice from behind and she looks like she’s going to pass out when he hugs her. All the ladies are up on their feet freaking out a bit. I think Candice may have a heart attack on stage and have to get wheeled out... good time for a commercial break!

Just over 15 minutes left to go and we’re back from another commercial break. Drake is taking Keith Urban’s seat at the American Idol judges table. Hmmm. We’ve had Paula Abdul sit at the table when she visited... and now Drake. We’ve also heard rumors Jennifer Lopez will be playing on the finale. Will she sit in one of the judges’ chairs too? Maybe they are testing the waters for who might look good there next season?

Before the final results, we have another guest appearance from former Season 9 American Idol winner Lee DeWyze. He’s performing “Silver Lining”, the first single off his new album due to be released this summer from Vanguard Records.

We’re back from another break and it’s Angie Miller’s turn at the front of the stage. Jimmy Iovine thinks Angie won the night this week on the performances show. She had two great songs and two great performances, but she needs to get out of her head a little bit. He thinks she’s still best on the piano. Ryan says Jessie J tweeted how great the performance was of her song last night and Angie is thrilled.

Dim the lights... and here we go at last. Ryan is splitting the ladies into two groups — the top two and the bottom two. Ryan puts Angie and Kree on the near side of the stage and Candice and Amber on the far side of the stage. And... time for another break.

Back into the results and we dim the lights again... here we go... After the nationwide vote, Candice and Amber are in the bottom two tonight. Kree and Angie are safe.

Wait for it... the “twist” is coming...

Ryan announces the person who could be leaving tonight is... “no one”. That’s right, both girls are safe! There will be no elimination this week. Ryan explains that because the American Idol judges didn’t use their save this season, there is an extra week in the schedule. So, the producers have decided to give all the Top 4 ladies a pass.

This was, of course, the worst “secret” twist ever — since everyone pretty much knew this was going to happen.

Next Thursday, the votes from last night will be combined with next week’s vote and the person with the least combined votes from both weeks will be going home. The song theme for next week will be “now and then” and all four ladies will be performing twice again.

That's a wrap for our American Idol recap tonight. Join us here again next week!

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