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American Idol Results: Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Last Night? 4/25/2013

Who went home on American Idol last night? Well, that is a very tricky question! Remember how Ryan Seacrest said on the performances show there was going to be a “twist” announced on Thursday’s American Idol results show? Well, just wait until you hear what happened in our spoilers from last night’s elimination show!

Rumors have been swirling around all week that the American Idol judges might still have had their ‘save’ power to use last night based on something finalist Janelle Arthur said after her elimination. Although reps for American Idol came out in the press to say the judges’ save power had indeed expired, we’re never exactly sure if they are being totally honest when it comes to potential twists. So some bloggers and fans speculated the judges save might still come out in some form.

Then, on American Idol Wednesday night, host Ryan Seacrest announced there would be a super special “twist” this week on the elimination results show. What could that possibly be? Well, we could have seen one of two things happening. Either they were going to suddenly bring back a previously eliminated contestant who was voted off, or they were going to declare it a non-elimination week and pass all four finalists on to the next round.

We just really hoped they would not be crazy enough to somehow decide the girl who was voted by America as the wildcard for the American Idols Live! Tour, Aubrey Cleland, should jump randomly back on to the show and make it a Top 5 again. That would have been so very wrong...

So what did actually happen in the American Idol results show on Thursday? Who was eliminated on American Idol last night, if anyone?

Ryan Seacrest announced the bottom two for the night were Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover. However, because there is an extra week in the American Idol schedule because the judges didn't use their save this season, he says that no one will be going home this week. He did not announce which person had the lowest number of votes.

This week's votes will be added to next week's and the person with the lowest number of votes from both weeks will go home.

04.26.2013 / 10:00 PM EDT by Laura Vess
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