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The Bachelorette

Arie Luyendyk Jr Uses “More Than His Lips” While Kissing

Bachelorette Season 8 runner-up Arie Luyendyk, Jr. has so much to offer us — and we're not just talking about his gorgeous selfies. This Netherlandic hunk gained worldwide recognition for his sensual kissing skills during The Bachelorette, and he pretty much had ladies swooning all over themselves on a nightly basis. Lesson learned? Arie's tongue is a deep sea diver.

This hunk gifted Bachelor Nation with some smoochy words of wisdom when he hit up The Bachelor Season 17 to teach Sean Lowe how to not suck at sucking face, and now he's back with yet another musing about the ins and outs of tonsil hockey!

"The key to an amazing kiss is...Not to over think it, move slow and use more than your lips," Arie posted to Sulia, for no apparent reason. "Kissing is about the connection not necessarily the technique. #yourewelcome."

Um, care to elaborate on what "more than your lips" means, Arie? Unless this dude has developed some kind of innovative "teeth kissing" technique, we're going to assume he's talking about his tongue and hands. Yes, please!

Now excuse us, we have to break out some Pepsi-flavored Lip Smackers and make out with our pillow. Practice makes perfect, guys!

Source: Sulia