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Baby Sold on Facebook While Mother Told He Had Died

This poor newborn baby boy from the Punjab province in India has had a rough ride in his first few weeks. While most newborns are gaining strength and nutrition, and enjoying their mother’s love, the Hindustan Times reports that this babe was kidnapped by his grandfather, reported dead to his mother, and sold to a pair of nurses for $830, who then sold the child on Facebook for $15,000!

Did you get all that?

Although the mother, identified only as Noora, was told that her baby had died, her sixth sense kicked in and she called in the police to investigate a kidnapping as well as her grandfather Feroze Khan’s conveniently timed spike in wealth.

Once Feroze had been tracked by police, he admitted the whole plot: Noora had divorced her husband in February of this year and Feroze wanted her to get an abortion. When the doctor forbade it, Feroze’s aide, Irfan, advised him to sell the boy upon his birth in order to arrange a second marriage. Just days after the baby was delivered, Feroze stole him while Noora was sleeping and made a deal with two of the hospital’s nurses, who were involved in a child trafficking ring, for $830. The nurses then posted the boy’s photo on Facebook and eventually sold the baby boy to a man named Amit in nearby Delhi for $15,000.

Once police had the full story, the child was discovered at Amit’s home — he was ill but is now being treated. The grandfather, his aide, and both nurses have been arrested and the buyer has been booked. The four arrested suspects may face up to seven years in jail if convicted of kidnapping.

We’re so glad this newborn is safe and back in the arms of his mother!

Source: Hindustan Times

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04.26.2013 / 02:35 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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