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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Who Will Be Season 9’s Villain?

There’s one every season. In fact, in some seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette like the one that’s about to start when Season 9 kicks off May 27 there are several dudes or ladies competing for the role of villain. And while some people may be sharpening their typin’ fingers / claws to attack these people when they come on screen, we just can’t wait to meet the male version of Tierra LiCausi, or a better version of Kalon McMahon.

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So, who’s going to be fueling the hatred of a thousand Twitter handles when Desiree Hartsock starts filtering out the flotsam? There are a couple guys in the running for best-worst of the season: Bryden Vukasin and Brian Jarosinki.

We’ve already discussed what happens with Brian, but we’ll rehash. Basically, at the end of March, they were filming a segment after a group date and Brian’s (supposed) ex, Playmate Stephanie Larimore, showed up and Brian peaced out to be with her. It sounds like she didn’t really know that Brian had gone, which is all sorts of scandalous and brings up questions like did they actually break up before the show, or did he just leave? So, yeah.

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Bryden’s might be even douchier. According to Reality Steve, Bryden’s girlfriend, Becky Weidow, is also a factor on the show. But, um, way weirder. Here’s the sitch, according to Steve: before Bryden left, Becky apparently posted a pic of herself kissing Bryden with the caption, “I’ll be missing you.”

Um, is this like a Paul-Jenna sexual walkabout situation? (Don’t get that reference? Watch 30 Rock, noob.) But rather than tell Des that he may not be 100% in the game so she could let someone else stick around, Bryden made it all the way to Germany before he left on his own, saying he wasn’t “feeling it.”

Wow. Take that all in for a second, enjoy your flashbacks to “I’m not here to make friends” moments, and then place a wager with your friends on whose exit will cause the bigger shit fit. This is gonna be a good season especially if there’s a darkhorse contestant in the “DBag of the year” contest...

Source: Reality Steve