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Boston Bombing Suspects’ Mother Says Bombings Were “Something Like a Really Big Play”

The mother of the two suspects in the Boston Bombing has finally spoken out about her eldest son Tamerlan’s death and her youngest son Dzhokhar’s capture and charges of terrorism and using weapons of mass destruction.

The brothers’ mom, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, told CNN's Nick Paton Walsh in Makhachkala, Dagestan, that although she feels for the victims of the bombing, she is not totally convinced that it was real. She describes a video she watched that supported the idea that the incident was fake; she says it was “something like a really big play" that used "paint instead of blood like it is made up.”

She also claims to have seen neither the news images from the Boston bombings nor the image officials put in front of her of her deceased son. "I did not look,” Zubeidat said. “I could not believe it is my son.

“What I care about is only the death of my oldest son, who I think was killed, and my youngest one, who is really... needs the support.”

When asked to describe how she is handling everything, she said, “This is really crazy. I can't even, I can't even describe it. I have no strength. I have nothing. I have no sleep. I am just like dead. Like a dead person.”

Both parents of the brothers do not believe they were involved. Father Anzort Tsarnaev has said, "They never could have done this. Never, ever, ever!"

Investigators have talked with the parents in Makhachkala, and the area has become a large focus for the ongoing investigation. Tamerlan, the brother now believed to have been the driving force behind the attack, visited the area last year for six months. On two occasions in 2011, U.S. authorities were asked by Russian authorities to investigate Tamerlan for suspected ties to radicals.

"They said that they ... just think that Tamerlan is a kind of ... little on radical side of Islam and they just don't want ... they are keeping their eye on, you know, the boys, like young boys like Tamerlan so any bombing any like explosion won't happen in America. On the streets, like on the streets," Zubeidat said.

"I remember him always, always from the first day that he was born, there was no day that I don't remember him. ... He was the most caring son."

Source: CNN

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04.26.2013 / 02:56 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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