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The Kardashians

Fan Rushes Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye — Restrained By Security!

Scary! Pregnant Kim Kardashian and her rap star boyfriend, Kanye West, were minding their own business in New York City, when the celeb couple was suddenly rushed at by an over enthusiastic fan.

Kim and Kanye were pretty much minding their own business — stepping out of NYC’s Sony Building on April 24 and walking to a waiting vehicle, as dozens of paparazzi photographed their every step. (You know, the uzhe.) Then, out of nowhere, a man rushed up and thrust his cell phone in Kim’s face.

A security guard quickly stepped in to restrain the fan, who was dressed in dark wash jeans, a black coat, and a Where’s Waldo-esque red and white striped top. We’re not sure whether he was trying to show them something on his phone or take a cellie pic, but either way it seems pretty obvious that he was determined to get Kim to look at the screen.

The pregnant reality star appeared a bit shaken by the whole ordeal. She and Kanye quickly got into their car, while the security guard hung back to talk to the man.

We’re sure there are plenty of awesome things about being a celebrity. The exotic travel destinations, the fame and fortune, all of that. But sometimes, being so well known can definitely have its downsides. People asking for your autograph is one thing. People rushing at you and thrusting things in your face is quite another!