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Glee Recap: Season 4, Episode 20 “Lights Out” — Ryder’s Huge Secret!

Well, that was definitely something. This week’s Glee Season 4, Episode 20: “Lights Out,” was a bit of head-scratcher, between the devastating revelations, lack of much forward progress on some key storylines, and numerous deleted scenes. Yes, we’re still puzzled.

But what we definitely did get was Blaine doing aerobics in the tiniest of tiny shorts. And really, what more does a person need? (Answer: Absolutely nothing else.)

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Grab Your Favorite Hard Hat

We start things off in McKinley, where the glee club can’t start preparing for Hoosier Daddy’s amazing sophomore singer because of a “Beyonce at the Super Bowl”-level blackout. Time to get unplugged, meaning you better find your lighter and put it in the air already.

Ryder can’t let go of “Katie” because of a major revelation he shared with her. He finally tells us what it is: He was molested in the shower by an older babysitter when he was 11. To quote Keanu Reeves in every Keanu Reeves movie ever: Whoa. But would Sam and Artie really have reacted in such a disgusting way?

This prompts Kitty to tell him at Breadstix that she was molested at a sleepover by a friend’s brother, and the incident caused her to have to switch schools. Yep, it’s downer time once again. Kitty later wants to go out with Ryder, but he puts the kibosh on it because he’s too focused on Katie. Harsh.

Not every song worked for us this week, but we certainly loved Sue giving it her all on the Annie tune while explaining to Becky that she preferred being a trainer. And who wouldn’t like getting to watch Blaine doing pelvic thrusts all day long? A person who doesn’t enjoy happiness, that’s who.

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Damn You, Mylar Balloon

It appears that the episode was basically “tying up loose ends” week. The list of things we learned — take a deep breath, everyone — includes that Kurt somehow still interns at Vogue (huh?), Burt is doing okay (rejoice!), and Puck-Kitty are no longer (we miss you, Puck!).

The aforementioned Vogue internship lands Kurt, Rachel — who is still waiting on her Broadway verdict — and Santana at the ballet. There, Santana realizes she needs to keep her creative side alive, so she enrolls in dance through NYADA extension. Not that there’s anything wrong with cage dancing, right? (We’re just asking for a friend. We swear.)

And by the way, if you didn’t squeal at the sight of all the mini selves, then you are seriously squeal-deprived. C’mon, a good squeal every now and then won’t kill you.

Our Favorite Scene of the Night

So what are our thoughts of this very surprising episode? Well, we appreciate Glee taking on yet another challenging issue, but it does feel a bit like the show is piling on the serious moments of late, coming so soon after the shooting episode — and with the catfish mystery still unsolved. Poor Ryder needs a break!

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And what was up with all the missing scenes that we’d been promised — like Blaine as Nightbird in the Argo-inspired plot? Or the Becky interrogation? Nothing against “At the Ballet,” but couldn’t that number have been a bit shorter? (How long did “At the Ballet” go on? The answer is another song title from the episode: For the longest time.)

So our “Favorite Scene of the Night” Award in a very tough episode goes to Ryder holding hands with Kitty. We’re still undecided on whether we fully ship Team Ritty, but we’re definitely intrigued by them. And the runner-up scenes were anything with a mini-me in it (or a Blue’s Clues shout-out!). We just couldn’t get enough of those squeezable little tykes.

And while we’re listing our favorite things about the episode, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge just how cute it was when Isabelle mentions Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan by their first names (Darren and Chris) — which of course is the name of a certain actor who looks amazing in tiny aerobics shorts.

Speaking of which, we’re about to go enroll in every aerobics class we can, just on the outside chance that Darren Criss will be there with his green shorts on. You never know, people.

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