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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9, Episode 21 — Bailey’s Fate Revealed!

Tonight, Grey's Anatomy finally returned from its hiatus — yay! — and the episode we’ve been waiting for, Season 9, Episode 21 ("Sleeping Monster") did not disappoint. The CDC invades Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, determined to find the cause of all these Staph infections. Everyone’s being tested for the infection, both patients and doctors, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is — understandably — in a total panic. Jackson, as head of the board, wants to put out a press release, but everyone else is totally against it, because they don’t want to throw Bailey under the bus.

Alex is pretty cranky, which has come to be the norm for him lately. Jo asks him to please be nicer to Jason, especially now that she’s moving in with him. What?! That happened fast. And Jackson and April aren’t getting along any better — Matthew dumped her, and it’s all Jackson’s fault. If he hadn’t taken her virginity, and then later given her the bad advice to lie about it, she wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s really not Jackson’s day!

As Bailey is being interviewed by the CDC, an entire fingerless family shows up in the ambulance bay. Their family reunion game of tug of war went completely wrong, and now they’ve got a bunch of bloody hands and a cooler full of disembodied fingers. Yikes! Callie takes one of the teenage daughters on as her patient, and while she’s taking her scans she reveals to Callie that she wants to be a journalist, so she really needs to be able to use her hand - and by the way, why is the CDC here?

That’s what the parents of Seth, a patient Bailey operated on who is now infected, want to know. Seth isn’t doing too well and his parents want him out of the hospital, but he’s way too unstable to leave.

And Ethan, the little boy Owen’s been hanging out with, is doing a little better this episode. His mom’s doing well, and his grandma has finally arrived... but when she sees her son (Ethan’s dad) is still unconscious, she doesn’t take it well at all. So Ethan and his mom go have ice cream in the cafeteria, until Mom starts seizing — oh no. It turns out she’s hemorrhaging, and she ends up dying in the elevator before they can get her to an OR.

In between interviews, Bailey tries every way she knows how to check on her patients, even though she’s been locked out of the computer system until the investigation is over. She overhears Richard talking to Seth’s parents, and hears him tell them that it’s not the hospital’s fault - it’s one doctor’s. She leaves before she hears him tell intern Leah that’s not what he actually believes.

Credit: Richard Cartwright/ ABC    

Meanwhile, Meredith is determined to get Cristina to agree to be in the room with her when she has the baby. Meredith’s planning to go natural on the childbirth and wants Cristina to be there to make sure nobody tries to pump her full of drugs. Cristina isn’t really up for it, because she’s not up for watching Mer poop on the table. Yuck! She later changes her mind after successfully helping a patient deliver her baby in a way more complicated situation than the new McBaby will cause -- if she can handle that, she can handle anything.

At Jo’s request, Alex tries to make nice with Jason and explains that he only feels close to Jo because they had a similar rough childhood. But Jo never told Jason about her past - and she’s pissed that Alex did. Oops. And, once again, Jackson and April aren’t doing much better. Just as Jackson tells April he’s sorry for just about everything that’s happened except the fact that they slept together, Matthew walks in and tells April he wants her back. Of course. And she accepts his apology and takes him back.

And at the end of the day, the CDC’s results are in. Bailey does have Staph, but it’s not directly her fault that all the patients were infected — the gloves Pegasus switched the hospital over to using are actually really, really badly made, and don’t seal in germs the way they should. Bailey’s clear to operate again once her infection is treated, and Bailey should be celebrating, but instead, she’s pretty hurt. She confronts Richard outside, asking him how he could have put the hospital first when she stood by him even when he was operating on his patients drunk? We’ve gotta admit, Bailey’s got a point.

Once the press release is put together, Callie drops it off at the aspiring journalist’s room, telling her she better get the exclusive out before the press release drops in the morning. Aww! And everyone else is pretty happy, too, as the episode (for once) ends on a good note. Meredith and Derek happily discuss McBaby-to-Be in bed, and Alex unexpectedly buddies up with Cristina over his broken heart.

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