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Have Date Night at Home With These Addictive TV Dramas

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s serious couch time between a married couple, and we don’t necessarily mean what it meant as teenagers. We mean TV time! When you have kids, date nights can be few and far between. But date night doesn’t have to mean dropping a chunk of change on dinner and a movie — it can also mean spending some quality time watching your fave show together. That doesn’t mean you should be stuck watching SportsCenter. If you’re looking for a few tried-and-true dramas that’ll keep both you and him interested, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. So open a bottle of wine, toss some crackers and cheese on a plate... and turn down the lights!

These dramas contain it all for the couch-bound couple: action and a little blood for him, emotional conflict and a little reality for her. And hey, both genders like a little of both, right? All sentimentality and you’ve got a chick flick. All action and you have, well, an action movie. These shows have proved that we both can agree on what to watch!

Mad Men

AMC, Sundays at 10 p.m.

Obviously, right? Season 6 has just started, and rumor has it this may be the final season. If you’re not caught up, plan a marathon this weekend. The 1950s are long gone and the ‘60s are heavily upon us, and everything from the decade’s mod outfits to Don Draper’s dalliances will be compelling for both you and him. Check out the season 6 premiere online at AMC.


Showtime, returns Sept. 29 at 9 p.m.

Showtime gives us a hit show chock full of adrenaline. There’s the main character, the terrorist-hunting Homeland Security specialist Carrie, there’s also Jessica, the suspicious wife, and Agent Brody, the terrorist in question. Not only is it packed with heart-stopping action but it’s paired with an emotional twist and romantic love. Previous seasons are available now, and the new season premieres in September.

House of Cards

Available on Netflix Instant

Robin Wright plays the wife of the Majority Whip (Kevin Spacey) and the show follows the pair both within their political life and their private home life. The relationship gets more complex with a covert affair between Kevin Spacey and a much younger and hasty reporter (played by Kate Mara). Watch the first season instantly on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

Returns August 11 on AMC

What’s so great about this show is the dissolution of Bryan Cranston’s character from nerdy high school chemistry teacher to a full-blown cartel-like drug runner. Depressing? Yes. Fascinating? Oh yeah. He not only has a wife and teenage son, but a newborn, and to watch how he juggles his family and his newfound role as drug kingpin of the Southwest is fascinating. Be sure to catch up before the final season begins on August 11.

Here are a few more dramas that are a bit heavy on the action and gore, yet nonetheless you’ll both find yourself glued to the TV:

Justified (season began January 8)

Game of Thrones (season 3 running now)

Dexter (season premiere June 30)

Walking Dead (season premiere this fall)

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