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The Bachelor

How Do The Burning Love Writers Feel About The Bachelor?

The only thing we love more than pizza is Burning Love, the brilliant web series co-produced by Ben Stiller that spoofs The Bachelor while simultaneously bowing down to its sheer brilliance. Burning Love follows Mark Orlando as he dates his way through a sea of certifiably insane ladies, and its third season (modeled after Bachelor Pad) is more than a little amazing.

Now, you might think that the makers of Burning Love hate The Bachelor with every fiber of their being, but please. How could anyone hate on The Bach? Watching it is basically like having a religious awakening, which is why we're currently praying to our Chris Harrison shrine.

"I love The Bachelor. I watch it as if I'm earning my master's degree on the subject. I am a proud member of a Bachelor fantasy league," Burning Love writer Erica Oyama writes on Huffington Post. "I started out watching this show ironically. Every year I would catch the season finale just to laugh at the spectacle. But in a typical romantic fashion, we (The Bachelor and I) connected on a deeper level."

We're right there with you, Erica. This gal insists that despite knowing the show is "fake," it's in the same league as critically acclaimed shows like The Walking Dead. "Who cares if the editors have fun with stretching out a tense moment or decide to only show the terrible moments of a certain character?" Erica muses while think YES EXACTLY. "We need the drama. We need the villains. The idea that this show is 100 percent real is not what makes it so entertaining."

In fact, Erica doesn't even care if The Bachelor Powers That Be hire actors. "If they are actors, I salute them," she continues. "They are very good actors and I would like to nominate them all for an Emmy."

Her words are poetry. In fact, we're so inspired that we're going to turn this masterpiece into a haiku. By the way, don't forget to tune into Burning Love's third season over on Yahoo!

Source: Huffington Post

04.26.2013 / 02:41 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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