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The Kardashians

Kanye West Fumes As Someone Else Kisses Girlfriend Kim Kardashian!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian haven’t gotten to spend as much time together recently as we’re sure they’d like. So, when they are together and someone interrupts them, we’re not that surprised to learn that Kanye gets pissed!

Kanye broke out his jealous boyfriend face recently when someone cut into his time with his now very pregnant girlfriend Kim. Of course, the fact that that someone was kissing her right in front of him probably wasn’t helping matters!

Kim and Kanye were out and about in New York recently, enjoying some long-awaited quality time, when a man came up to them, put his arm around Kim, and gave her a kiss! We’re not sure who this forward fellow is, but judging from Kanye’s less-than-pleased facial expression, he’s not exactly a friend.

Then again, we can’t imagine he’s a complete stranger! Can you imagine Kanye standing by as a totally random dude got that up close and personal with his baby mama? Nope, us neither. So the fact that Kanye kept his response to just a glare is pretty impressive, especially after the crazy incident the couple just gone through, where an overzealous fan had to be restrained by security.

We'll refrain from judgment until we know some more details, but in the meantime we're just hoping Kanye's not much of a gambler. Poker face? Not so much.