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American Idol

Kree Harrison Thought She Was Going Home This Week! Find Out Why!

Kree Harrison was convinced her American Idol 2013 journey had come to an end during last night's results show, and one of the show's execs was behind the plot.

Nigel Lythgoe. Executive Producer. Dancer/Choreographer. Professional jokester? If the latest rumor to come from backstage at American Idol Season 12 is true, Nigel might become as well known for his pranks as his reality TV shows.

According to E! Online, Nigel had a little fun with the twist of no one going home this week. In what almost might be considered a cruel joke, Nigel came up to some of the girls and nearly taunted them about being voted off.

"Nigel came up to me and Kree and was like, 'So, the band knows your 'save song,' right?' Angie (Miller) told E! backstage after the show.

"But he didn't come to me and Amber," Candice Glover also said, "and I was like, 'Whatever, he's trying to throw us off!'"

Interestingly enough, it was actually Candice and Amber Holcomb who were in the bottom two.

Most of the girls blew off the comment, realizing Nigel was toying with them, but perhaps Kree Harrison is our resident gullible girl. The country/bluesy singer was definitely worried, saying, “I was practicing my farewell song! I was singing it out loud!”

After getting pretty heavily critiqued on her Wednesday performances, it certainly wasn’t out of the realm of possibility that Kree would be going home. But we couldn’t be more thrilled we get to see her another week. If Kree can loosen up on stage and regain the passion she showed during her performance of “Up To The Mountain,” there’s no stopping her.

Should Nigel have joked with the girls about going home? Or was that just downright mean?

Source: E! Online