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Mom Faces Jail Time After Beating Her Son’s Drug Dealer With a Baseball Bat

Sherrie Gavan, a 54-year-old Missouri mom, is learning the hard way that no matter how badly you’d like someone who hurts your kid to get what’s coming for them, actually hurting them is against the law.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sherrie was convicted on Tuesday for third-degree assault after she beat her son’s heroin dealer with a baseball bat. While we understand the urge, we certainly don’t condone the method.

Sadly, heroin addiction has been sweeping through the St. Louis area over the last five years, and many families’ lives have been ruined along the way. The Gavans’ story isn’t much different.

Sherrie said that prior to the assault, she had been doing everything to keep her once straight-A student son Clayton from succumbing to his heroin addiction. She would sleep with him during his withdrawals, enrolled him in a different school to keep him away from the “bad crowd,” and even took Clayton to work with her so she could keep an eye on him.

The day that 22-year-old Joshua Loyd, the person Sherrie knew was supplying her son with drugs, showed up at her work to find Clayton, she lost it. After following him to his home, Sherrie beat Joshua with a baseball bat on the arm. While Joshua admitted in court that he was in fact supplying Clayton with heroin by taking him to a friend’s mom to get drugs, Sherrie now faces a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Sherrie’s lawyer, William Goldstein, asked the jury to focus on the mother’s love for her child. “She did what any good mother would do. She went down there (to Joshua’s house) for one purpose and for one purpose only: get Josh out of her life.” Unfortunately, Sherrie took the law into her own hands instead of involving the police.

Despite it all, Sherrie said she doesn’t mind giving up a year of her life to protect her son. “My son is alive. That’s all that matters…I will take my life over his any day.”

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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04.26.2013 / 05:49 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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