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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale Features “Sobering Moment” for Regina

What can we expect from the Season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time? Lana Parrilla (Regina) talked to TV Line about a finale moment that may surprise us...

According to Lana, the finale will feature “a very sobering moment, where the audience will be very surprised to see some characters have to come together, to work together, to save one another.”

Hmm... there’s nothing like a common enemy to bring people together. Could the reason for this unity of characters have to do with scheming duo Greg and Tamara, who last we saw were shipping Hook into Storybrooke to help enact their as-of-yet unveiled evil plan? There’s some pretty damning evidence that they will be kidnapping Henry and using a magic bean to spirit him away from Storybrooke. It would be ironic if Greg and Tamara used Regina’s own plan to implement the curse’s fail-safe to undo the curse and wipe Storybrooke and its inhabitants off of the map.

And how will all of this tie in with the probable trip to Neverland? Will Neverland be the Storybrooke’s residents solution an escape away from the danger so Storybrooke - or will it be part of the problem?

What do you think of Lana’s tease? What will OUAT’s characters be working together to save themselves from? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, April 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.