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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: Should The Charmings Bring Regina to the Enchanted Forest?

On Once Upon a Time, people and storylines change frequently, but Regina (aka The Evil Queen for a reason) just can't seem to shake her evil ways.

In this Sunday’s episode — Season 2, Episode 20, appropriately titled “The Evil Queen” — Regina takes her craziness to a new level, not only enlisting Captain Hook to help her steal magic beans and get back to the Enchanted Forest, but cursing her son to do so.

A sneak peek clip shows that Regina tries to have a casual conversation with her son, Henry, about escaping Storybrooke together, but when she reveals that everyone else will die, he freaks out. So, instead of letting Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma whisk him away first, she curses Henry to forget their conversation, and then presumably teams up with Hook to make the magic happen.

However, there’s a good chance that her plan won’t work. Either the Charmings and Emma will open up a portal that allows them all to go with Henry, or perhaps he’ll get kidnapped first — a set spoiler hinted that Greg Mendell and Tamara “forcefully remove” him from Storybrooke!

In that case, we may see some unlikely people team up. But before we get there, we want to know what you think about Regina going back to the Enchanted Forest. She has tried to redeem herself, but she's failed miserably time and time again. Last time she interacted with the Charming family, she almost brainwashed Henry and threatened everyone else with a fireball.

Do you think Regina deserves another chance to start over in the Enchanted Forest, along with everyone else? Alternatively, in another sneak peek, Charming suggests that they lock her up in Rumple’s cell if they bring her back, rather than letting her roam (and reign) free. Is that a good solution? Or should she definitely be left behind altogether? Cast your vote for her fate below!

Regina is so evil.

I'm worried about Regina.

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