Is Real Housewives’ Jennifer Gimenez Really Dating Andy Dick? — Report
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Is Real Housewives’ Jennifer Gimenez Really Dating Andy Dick? — Report

Talk about big dating "news"!

Jennifer GimenezBrandi Glanville's bestie who has popped up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from time to time — is dating current Dancing with the Stars contestant Andy Dick, according to xfinity.

On the April 23 edition of Dancing with the Stars, former Newsradio funnyman Andy was seen dancing a bit in the parking lot, after which he and Jennifer were holding hands.

It turns out that they've been pals for years, but what's up with the hand-holding?

“I was on a date that night with Jennifer Gimenez,” Andy reveals.

Wow! Holy unlikely reality-TV love connection, Batman.

And they also share a key commonality.

“She’s sober, and so am I,” he says.

Indeed, the two met due to their mutual sobriety. They first became friends when he was a patient on Dr. Drew's Sober House, and Jennifer was helping as the show's addiction specialist.

Jennifer herself got sober more than seven years ago and now helps other to find the right path.

“They’ve known each other a long time!” concurs Andy's Dancing with the Stars partner Sharna Burgess.

And now the big question — other than, "What the heck do those two talk about?" — is whether we'll see Andy mixing it up on Season 4 of Real Housewives.

"Probably," he says. "Because I see Jennifer a lot and now I know Lisa [Vanderpump]." Crazy!

We're wishing Andy and Jennifer all the best! If, that is, he isn't just pulling a fast one on us. And what's better than a man who can dance and make you laugh?

Source: xfinity