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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe’s Twitter Joke Makes Him Look Like an Accidental Racist

Um, guys? Sean Lowe is really confusing us today. He’s, like, totally awesome and amazing and all, of course, but we’re also concerned that he’s spent so much time cutting loose on the dance floor, the poor dear is exhausted. After all, that’s the only thing that could explain why his internal publicist didn’t put a kibosh on his tweet today.

We get that he was probably trying to joke about his lack of coordination and pelvic thrust control, but he came across as a Brad Paisley-style accidental racist. “Getting ready for Latin week with the rumba. When is Caucasian week? That's when I'm really going to shine!” he wrote on April 25.

Hmm. True, Sean hasn’t had the best performances when it comes to the Latin-derived ballroom routines on Dancing With The Stars, but we’re positive he could have phrased this better. We give him a round of 4s for execution, which shouldn’t be that insulting considering his performances have warranted similarly disappointing ratings.

This makes us feel almost as uncomfortable as that one time on The Bachelor Season 17 when Robyn Howard sat our boy Sean down to ask him if he liked black women, or if she was just wasting her time pursuing him. He assured her at the time that he has dated all different races in the past, and he only cares about a woman’s heart and personality, assuaging all of our unnecessary fears.

Moral of the story? We’re pretty sure sweetheart Sean meant zero harm with his tweet, and that all racist implications were completely unintentional. Agreed? Okay, moving on.

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04.26.2013 / 05:08 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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