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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Should Porsha Stewart Be Embarrassed For Standing By Her Man?

The Season 5 Reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is officially behind us, but for Porsha Stewart, the drama has just begun.

Only a week after filming the gathering, Porsha was completely blindsided when her husband of not even two years filed for divorce and couldn't even walk into the next room to let her know. Porsha had to find out on Twitter!

Judging from the way she acted at the reunion, either Porsha really had no idea the divorce was coming, or she's way too good an actress to be wasting her talents on reality TV. Even though Kordell didn't even attend the event, Porsha defended him all night and played the role of the loyal wife. Not only did she claim that he "loved her to the core," but she also insisted that things were great and that they were working hard on making their marriage work.


Do you think Porsha should be a little embarrassed for standing by Kordell so passionately, or does her commitment make Kordell look like an even bigger jerk? Tell us below!