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Teacher Fired For Urinating in the Classroom

Second-grade teacher Ron Tuitt recently had his tenure revoked and was fired for insubordination and inappropriate behavior, reports New Jersey’s News 12. The cause? The state found that he once urinated into a trash can in his classroom and repeatedly urinated into a plastic bottle, while students were present, and asked students to then go flush the contents in the boys’ bathroom.

“At times during class, Mr. Tuitt would ask his students to close their eyes, and keep their eyes closed, without peeking,” the court documents state. A student testified that he once peeked and saw Mr. Tuitt place a bottle by his pants, and when the class was asked to open their eyes, the bottle was “half full of the yellowish liquid.”

Tuitt, who is wheelchair-bound, had been teaching in Paterson, New Jersey since 1996. His defense for his behavior was that he had been ill and the school principal had removed “some accommodations,” as the Associated Press states, although it’s not clear what those accommodations are. State Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf is reported to have indicated that any changes made did not justify Truitt’s behavior.

Police report that Tuitt admitted to urinating in a trash can in the classroom once due to a urinary tract infection, but he denies some of the other allegations.

Not only is it super disgusting and wildly inappropriate to urinate into a trash can, but it is incredibly and inexcusably dangerous to force young children to even be around human waste, let alone transfer it down a public hallway and risk coming in contact with or ingesting it in some way.

What would possess… No. Just no.

Source: News 12, Associated Press

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04.26.2013 / 04:59 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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