The Vampire Diaries Live Recap of The Originals — Hail to the King
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Live Recap of The Originals — Hail to the King

After months of waiting, The Originals pilot is finally here. That means it’s time for our live recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 20. This week, it’s is all about the ancient siblings.

We’ll have our full Vampire Diaries recap up after the show, but until then, you can follow along with our live chat, starting at 8 pm. We’ve mixed up some tasty cocktails and are ready to answer your questions, comments, and concerns, so keep refreshing frequently. Update: Read the full recap here.

First things first, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is still in the Salvatore dungeon. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) want her flip her switch, no matter the cost. Bring on the torture?

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is en route to New Orleans, thanks to Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) letter. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) thinks it’s his and Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) sibling duty to follow their brother, but she’s not so sure.

In the Big Easy, we meet Marcel, an old acquaintance of Klaus’s. Over the years, the vampire has built up quite a following and all of New Orleans is in his pocket — including the witches who may or may not be conspiring against Klaus.

The wiley werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is also in town, and Elijah comes across her. Currently, she’s in over her head with Sophie (Daniella Pineda), a witch with great power.

Katherine has words with Rebekah and asks the blond vamp to impart a message. A love note for Elijah, perhaps?

We can’t wait to take this trip with the Originals. Who’s ready to let the good times roll?

8:00 — Previously on!

8:01 — Hayley’s good for something — besides getting Klaus naked.

8:02 — Gumbo? This episode is going to make us hungry, isn’t it?

8:03 — Salt and candles. They must have the same grimoire as Bonnie.

8:04 — Isn’t this how The Secret Circle started?

8:05 — Hayley really should’ve gotten her gumbo elsewhere.

8:07 — He’ll either stop them or help them. Elijah has whims, too.

8:08 — What vampires do during the day: karaoke.

8:09 — Marcel is pretty, can sing, and can put together a parade. Quite the set of vampire skills.

8:11 — Witch hunt. How Puritanical.

8:16 — Klaus is so legendary.

8:20 —Hello, Season 2 Elijah.

8:25 — Maybe it’s time for Klaus to use some of that patented Original compulsion?

8:27 — Or he could just growl at people. That’s fine, too.

8:28 — Elijah, solver of problems.

8:29 — Marcel is Klaus’s on personal Frankenstein monster.

8:30 — WHAT?!

8:32 — Our brains just exploded all over our computers.

8:32 — Also, this is probably the only time Sophie’s gift has come in handy, ever.

8:32 — This never came up before? Klaus has been celibate all these years?

8:34 — Elijah can command anything with just one word.

8:36 — Papa Klaus. So paternal.

8:37 — Does Elijah even like Klaus?

8:38 — Wowzers, Klaus. Wowzers.

8:43 — Rebekah must be soooo jealous.

8:45 — Humans prefer vampires to witches and werewolves?

8:46 — Klaus is such a bad house guest.

8:48 — If Klaus moves to New Orleans, he should become a street painter.

8:49 — Cami is the Britta Perry of New Orleans.

8:51 — Well, an immortal king doesn’t really need an heir, but OK. We’ll let you have it, Klaus.

8:56 — Is this Klaus’s parade?

8:57 — Best voicemail ever?

8:58 — Katherine’s a romantic at heart, isn’t she?

8:59 — Elijah, don’t break my heart. I mean, Katherine’s heart.

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