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The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 Vampire Diaries OMG Moments From Season 4, Episode 20: “The Originals”

All of the events in New Orleans left us gasping for breath during this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 20 “The Originals,” but some more so than others. That’s why we’re bringing you the Top 5 OMG Moments that had us hitting “rewind” on our DVR remotes over and over.

Marcel Kills Jane-Anne Devereaux

Self-proclaimed vampire king of New Orleans Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is just full of surprises. Some are a pleasure, like his singing voice. Others, like his strongly held grip over the witches of the city and his devil-may-care attitude towards killing them? Not so much.

Vampires killing witches without much regard is pretty common currency on this show, so there’s nothing really OMG-worthy in Jane-Anne’s death alone. But when you take into account that she’s the whole reason Klaus (Joseph Morgan) ventured to New Orleans, and that it’s been her name bandied about so much in the past few weeks, her death suddenly seems a whole lot more shocking.

Hayley’s Bundle of Joy

Even ardent viewers of the show who believe La Plec and her team can do no wrong tilted their heads at the screen when Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Klaus hooked up a few weeks ago. It’s safe to say that we all moved past it, blaming their weird one-off on the alcohol, like the song says, and thinking no more of it.

Which brings us to this week’s major revelation! Holy Twilight Saga, you guys, Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’s baby. This is the first supernatural pregnancy on the show, and it changes everything! What does this mean for Klaus? He wasn’t exactly jumping up and down at the prospect of fatherhood, but we all know how important family — and loyalty — is to him. So many questions, so many diapers!

Klaus Chooses His Side

When Klaus arrived in New Orleans, it seemed like he was returning to a city full of one-time allies. While his connections with Marcel definitely needed some dusting off — complete with a guys’ night of watching Die Hard and eating pizza — it seemed certain that the two were on a path to friendship. Exhibit their bonding over the cute bartender, Cami (Leah Pipes).

But Marcel’s cock-of-the-walk attitude and Klaus’s notoriously short temper and demand for respect are a powder keg of a combination. Klaus puts up with Marcel killing Jane-Anne, he even tolerates having two of Marcel’s henchmen following him around town. But when Marcel publicly undermines Klaus, all hell breaks loose — and Klaus bites Thierry, Marcel’s friend, poisoning him and making it clear all bets are off.

Elijah Makes a Choice

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has always been the center of calm in the otherwise mercurial and unpredictable Mikaelson clan. While Klaus’s emphasis on family has always been less than normal, Elijah is the peacemaker. His friendship with Elena (Nina Dobrev) is proof of that.

His recent dalliance with Katherine (Nina Dobrev), though rooted in ancient history, has called into question his priorities. Or, at the very least, made his normally rock-solid sense of judgement seem faintly faulty. He proved us all wrong this week when, after finding out about the new miracle-baby, he bid the lady Katherine adieu.

Klaus Plans to Stay Put

Klaus seemed to have put down roots in Mystic Falls, whether or not the folks in town wanted him too. Just look at the size of his house! And his oil paintings can’t be that easy to transport hither and yon. Besides, he had so many schemes brewing in Mystic Falls-- and Caroline (Candice Accola) lives there.

That said, New Orleans, his old stomping grounds, has given him so many reasons to stay put. A war against his former protégé, and the prospect of fatherhood? Yeah, he better at least rent a place. It begs the question, what will Mystic Falls be like without the big, bad Klaus?

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