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American Idol

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight? 4/25/2013

Determining who got voted off American Idol tonight was incredibly difficult because all of the Top 4 ladies are so equally balanced. Plus, we had a “twist” thrown into the competition by host Ryan Seacrest last night, which could have meant any number of things — including the possibility that the person who was voted off American Idol tonight might not actually get kicked off at all.

Prior to the American Idol results show tonight, we predicted the most likely person to go home would be Amber Holcomb — who actually seems to be the favorite of the American Idol judges right now. We just don’t love her like the others and she’s been riding near the bottom for weeks with the voters. In our fan poll, however, our readers disagreed and told us they thought Kree Harrison would be the person who went home on American Idol tonight.

In determining who to encourage their readers to support this week, Vote For The Worst said “the judges want [Kree] gone” and encouraged viewers to vote for her because if the judges want her out, “we want her to stay. Let’s knock out a skinny bitch and make the judges cry.” While that is a little crass for us, having the VFTW crowd behind her could give Kree that extra edge to stay in the competition for another week.

In other fan polls we checked across the Net, the responses were very different than what we saw on our site. Some of them predicted Candice Glover could be in danger of being the one who was kicked off American Idol tonight. Others had the option for “no one” because of the super special “twist” Ryan Seacrest promised would happen on the American Idol elimination results show tonight.

While we settled on choosing Amber Holcomb as our person most likely to be the one who got voted off American Idol tonight, we actually predicted that no one would end up going home at all. Well, actually, that all four of the remaining finalists would go home — for “hometown visits” to be featured next week on the show — but would come back to sing again next week.

So who was eliminated on American Idol tonight from the Season 12 Top 4? America voted, the twist was announced and the official American Idol results are...

Dim the lights... and here we go at last. Ryan is splitting the ladies into two groups — the top two and the bottom two. Ryan puts Angie and Kree on the near side of the stage and Candice and Amber on the far side of the stage.

After the nationwide vote, Candice and Amber are in the bottom two tonight. Kree and Angie are safe.

Wait for it... the “twist” is coming...

Ryan announces the person who could be leaving tonight is... “no one”. That’s right, both girls are safe! There will be no elimination this week. Ryan explains that because of the extra week in the schedule because the American Idol judges didn't use their save, all four ladies will be coming back next week. So that means "hometown visits" for everyone!

Are you happy or annoyed that no one was eliminated tonight?

04.26.2013 / 06:13 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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