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Who Won Project Runway Season 11? Was It Michelle, Patricia or Stanley?

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Stop reading if you don't want to know the results of the Project Runway Teams finale, which aired Thursday, April 25 on Lifetime.

That bleeding heart sweater! It stole our hearts from the start.

Michelle Lesniak Franklin of Portland, Oregon — the city that also gave us Season 5 winner Leanne Marshall and Season 8’s Gretchen Jones — is officially the winner of Project Runway Season 11. We suspected she’d win back when all of the collections, including decoys, showed at New York Fashion Week. So the "lone wolf" got her last kill!

Patricia Michaels of Taos, New Mexico, took second, with one of the season's frontrunners, Stanley Hudson of West Hollywood, California, ending up in what felt like (from the judges's comments) a distant third.

For our money, Michele’s collection deserved the win. What do you think?


Michelle's finale collection

Stanley's finale collection

Patricia's finale collection


Credit: Lifetime    

For the finale, Michael Kors rejoined this season’s judges — Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen.

MICHELLE: Nina thought Michelle had a phenomenal opening and offered a lot of pieces. "What I'm most crazy about is the heart sweater. Please send me a heart sweater." (Yes!) Michael "loved, loved, loved" the opening look. Heidi thought it was a very cohesive collection, although it didn't have her favorites silhouettes.

PATRICIA: Patricia made her own textiles, mixed her own paints, etc. Michael thought her final blue look was fabulous. He liked applying her craftiness to a city look. But at the beginning he thought "Oh my God the art teacher's on an acid trip." Heidi noticed the crowd, she saw faces light up and smile. She likes when things are different. She's been Team Patricia for a while. Zac felt some of her scarves felt older. He likes the more abstract shapes. Nina said it's unanimous, they all recognize her incredible talent for bringing something to the table that's unique. She still loves the blue final dress. There were a few strong pieces but others that felt off in terms of silhouette and styling. Michael said her artistry is truly spectacular. But Nina wondered if they were swayed by her artistic techniques when she didn't have many items that were wearable. It was basically Patricia vs. Michelle. Heidi was arguing for Patricia, with Nina for Michelle.

STANLEY: Michael loved Stanley's gold coat dress, the bubble dress, and the white dress. Those three had a youthful sophistication to them. Michael called his red finale look "Betty White on Dancing With the Stars." He thought it was old with the length from hell. Heidi noticed some of the "quick sewing" and he's usually so meticulous. Heidi was also surprised he brought his red gown to the runway. Nina called it his weakest look. (Really?) Nina thought some of his pieces were phenomenal, but he needs to bring them to the 21st century. Michael felt Stanley didn't have anything to say. Heidi felt he worked better in a team than on his own. Bet he loved hearing that...

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