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Will Survivor’s Malcolm Freberg Play For a Third Time?

Some fans — mostly female — actually cried when Malcolm Freberg was eliminated last night on Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites.

The hot bartender played back-to-back seasons, from
Philippines to Caramoan, doing less well in the ranking the second time but playing arguably a more exciting game. He proved himself the idol king — finding two this season without a clue while paying money at the Survivor auction for a clue to an idol that he never found.

Anyway, Malcolm is on the exit interview circuit today, and when The Hollywood Reporter asked if he would play a third time, he said, "Since I still haven't won, the fire is still there. But give me some time to eat something, get my body back in shape a little bit and enjoy sleeping in a bed for a full year."

Malcolm also had a great interview with Xfinity’s Gordon Holmes. Gordon asked about the physical toll of playing two seasons back-to-back.

Credit: CBS    

Malcolm: "Physically, I’m still not recovered. I was a pretty in-shape guy, but my muscle mass has not come back at all. It’s come back to some extent, and I’ve been working out, but my body is still wrecked from doing it in quick succession. Mentally, the exhaustion started to sink in when things weren’t going my way. Do you play poker?"

Gordon: "I do, badly."

Malcolm: "It’s like if you get all the way to the end and lose at the final hand, you’re like, “Let’s play again immediately.” And then you play and things start going wrong right off the bat and you start playing aggressive and more reckless than you need to. That’s kind of what happened to me. I stand by the things I was trying, but some of it was because I was so tired I started swinging for the fences."

Gordon: "Are we going to see back-to-back-to-back?"

Malcolm: "No. I need time to eat carbs and drink beer and sit on a beach without having to worry about people talking behind my back. Give me some time. I need a cuddle before this idea of coming back comes up again."

He may regret that cuddle comment, given all the gushing love on Twitter. A few too many fans may want to take him up on that!

If you're interested in Survivor spoilers, check out some Season 26 stuff here. We're starting to think they may be right about who wins...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Xfinity

04.26.2013 / 03:46 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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