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Teen Mom

Danielle Cunningham Criticizes Jenelle Evans: She Needs Help

16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham has been one of Jenelle Evans's biggest cheerleaders throughout the past few months, defending the Teen Mom 2 star every step of the way against her legions of angry cyber-haters. Danielle has been open about her own struggles with heroin addiction and empathizes with her fellow MTV starlet, who was arrested on April 23 for felony possession. But now Danielle's had enough of Jenelle's antics, and thinks it's time for the young mom to get help!

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"I like jenelle as a person i really do, I always defended her because i know what its like, i went through the exact same s—," Danielle said on Twitter. "But there comes a time when you just gotta say 'ok time to grow up and live my life for my kids.' I think jenelle needs to get help and stop preaching about how 'clean' she is and actually do it."

Not bad advice, straight from someone who's gone through it. But Danielle's rant didn't stop there! She continued railing against Jenelle, saying she needs to prove herself to her son Jace and leave her "worthless" husband, Courtland Rogers.

"She lives her life worrying about drama and twitter followers, when theres a beautiful boy that wants his mother's attention, & deserves it," Danielle concluded.

We've always had Jenelle's back, but Danielle makes some pretty compelling points. Do you think it's time for Jenelle to get help once and for all? Tell us below.