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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham’s Message to the Haters: “Past Is Not Present” (VIDEO)

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has once again astounded us with the resilient way she overcomes the watchful eyes of her haters. In her latest Keek vid, the reality TV star (who is now infamous for her sex video with adult film pro, James Deen) talks to those who criticize her and her life choices.

Farrah, who seems to be sporting a new hairstyle, takes a moment to let fans, friends, and family know that the media has misinterpreted who she is, but she’s not sweating it.

“I wanted to say yes, there’s a lot of hate because the public eye has gotten a lot of my personal business, that should’ve remained and I think a lot of my friends and family understand that and have experienced their own issues with people getting in their business when they should not and misinterpreting who we are from one time of being positive or celebrating what we want and it doesn’t mean that that’s us.”

Farrah’s more than certainly referring to her tape, as she mentioned it was to be a memento for herself of her younger years ... which she would only release if the right people offer her the right about of money...

Any who, the Teen Mom star continued on, saying “past is not present, we are better than all the hate and in the future when we’re doing good, they’ll realize.”

All we can say after that is: Do you, Farrah. Do you.

What do you think about Farrah’s message to the haters? Tell us in the comments below!

04.27.2013 / 03:20 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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