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Get Rewarded Just For Watching TV

Wetpaint and Viggle Bring You The Second Screen App You've Been Waiting For!

Get Rewarded Just For Watching TV

Wetpaint is partnering with Viggle, the app you use while watching TV to make it more FUN, SOCIAL and REWARDING! (Can you tell we're excited?)

Check into the Wetpaint shows you love
Viggle quickly samples the audio from your TV and checks you into whatever you're watching! You start earning Viggle points right away that can be redeemed for real rewards. Earn 1 point per minute for any program you watch with Viggle.

DISCOVER & PLAY for bonus points
The WHAT'S ON section helps you discover TV shows you can check into for BONUS points! Test your TV knowledge with Viggle LIVE, or see what all the guys are talking about, by playing along with MYGUY, Viggle’s real-time fantasy sports game.

CHAT with friends
Join TV CHAT from any show page to discuss everything from what your favorite Wetpaint characters are wearing, to what happened last season. Or start a private conversation with your Facebook friends in the Viggle CHATTER section.

REWARD yourself
Redeem those Viggle points for really great stuff in the REWARDS catalog. Choose from brands like Starbucks, Groupon, Best Buy, Fandango, Barnes & Noble,, and more.

Check it out, and let us know what you think! Click here to get started.