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Survivor Winner Kimberly Spradlin Arrested at the DMV in Texas

Sometimes, the bad food and lack of comfort can make being on Survivor seem like prison — but we're sure it's better than actual prison.

Kimberly Spradlin, who won Survivor: One World in 2012, was arrested earlier this month in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity, according to TMZ.

Kimberly was arrested on April 16 at the DMV in San Antonio when an employee thought that there was a warrant out for Kim's arrest.

Apparently, someone with Kimberly's same name and birthday has been bouncing checks in a nearby county.

So the 30-year-old Survivor star was mistakenly hauled into jail, where she was booked and remained in a cell for eight hours. Fun times.

She then had to pay $1,500 in jail bonds before she was released.

Now, law enforcement officials have acknowledged the mix-up and are working to correct the mistake. Kimberly says she would like her $1,500 back, which we can't blame her.

However, Kimberly — who was recently married — seems to be able to maintain a sense of humor about the whole ordeal.

"Be careful at the DMV - you never know what's going to happen," she quips.

"Bring a jacket — it's cold in jail," Kimberly adds. We appreciate the heads-up.

Then again, we suppose police may have reason to suspect Survivor winners of committing financial crimes, considering Season 1 winner Richard Hatch did several years in federal prison for tax evasion.

So this begs the question: Which is worse — being in jail or being at the DMV? We're still not sure.

Source: TMZ

04.27.2013 / 11:40 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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