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Where the Worst Germs Hide in Kids’ Rooms

We don’t want to freak you out, but kids’ rooms are way germy. Maybe germier than you realize, or even wanted to know. Parenting revealed some of the hot spots in your kids’ room — harboring everything from influenza to E. coli — that you may want to give some extra attention to the next time you tidy up.

Carpets and Rugs
It’s the nature of rugs and carpets — all sorts of nasties can get tracked in by shoes and feet, then lodged between fibers. The only way to keep carpet less germy is to vacuum three to four times per week (we know it’s no fun), and make sure to schedule a deep clean with a carpet steamer at least four times a year. The heat from steam will help kill bacteria lurking below!

Diaper Changing Table
Sure it’s an obvious splash zone, but are you treating it like one? Changing tables get used so often it’s easy to forget how much poop they encounter on a regular basis. Keep a tub of non-toxic disinfecting cleaning wipes handy so that you can de-germ after every diaper change.

Stuffed Animals
You know that stuffed toy that goes with your child everywhere? The one that gets dropped on the ground, dragged across the ground, and that used to be a different color before it turned eight shades of grimy? When was the last time you washed it on hot with bleach? Yeah, that ‘s what we’re going to do, too — right now.

Source: Parenting

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04.27.2013 / 08:45 PM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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