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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Jessica Capshaw Comforts Worried Fans

After weeks of mystery surrounding the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, things are finally starting to come together. And while last night’s episode (Episode 21: “Sleeping Monster”) ended on a positive note, with only three episodes left in the season, we know that can’t last much longer.

Last night, Bailey almost got fired — yikes! — and earlier this week, we found out the season finale disaster will be a superstorm that sends the hospital into a major crisis. This news might be a bit too much to handle, and some fans have gone into panic mode about what it could mean for the show.

If that sounds like you, Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) has a message for you: Chill out! After last night’s episode, she tweeted, “DRAMA! THRILLS! Ya’ll are in Shondaland. Lean into it + enjoy the ride. Nerve wracking, I know, yet exhilarating. P.S. it’s not real, shh...”

Jessica’s got a point — twists and turns and total shocks are what creator Shonda Rhimes has taught us to expect, and Grey’s wouldn’t be so awesome without them. Although it’s easy to forget our favorite surgeons aren’t real, especially when we want to believe they are! And for those worried about Calzona, take a breath — Shonda recently said that she’ll be “good” to both of them.

Are you freaking out about the end of the season? Tell us below!